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Feb 21, 2009 03:01 PM

Absolute BEST lasagna in OC?

Where can I find really sublime meaty lasagna in Orange County? Luxuriant Bolognese sauce, cheesy, many-layered, maybe a bechamel sauce thrown in....something for which you would gladly starve for a week for the pleasure of indulgence? Please help! Thanks in advance!

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  1. You've cited the easy parts, which a moderately intelligent and motivated amoeba should be able to learn (thus beating out many restaurant cooks, unfortunately). It's the lousy, thick, gummy pasta that ruins so many lasagne for me, however, whether in California or New York or Alabama. I'd be very interested to know about Southern California restaurants that stretch their own pasta to a proper thinness and fill the lasagna with modest amounts of simple, fresh, top-quality ingredients. No doubt, Valentino does it right with the pasta al forno ("oven baked Lasagna, besciamella, Bolognese ragu") currently on menu, but I haven't yet had it.

    1. I really like Cucina Alessa's lasagna and wish I could eat it every day.

      1. I just had the lasagna at Roman Cucina in Costa Mesa off of Newport Bvld. and it was pretty good.