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Feb 21, 2009 02:56 PM

Sunday Brunch in Raleigh/Chapel Hill?

I'm looking to take someone to a nice Sunday brunch or lunch. I'd prefer a place that is close to North Raleigh OR close to Chapel Hill. Any ideas?

My favorite breakfast/brunch place is usually Finch's in Raleigh, but this time I'm looking for a place that's a little bit nicer. Budget is $50 for two.


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  1. I like Coquette in North Hills for brunch. The prices are very good for brunch and their quiche is one of the best I've ever had. You can easily have a meal for under $50 with a couple of drinks.

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    1. re: dinersaurus

      I'm a big fan of Coquette and have been very pleased with lunch and dinner there. We tried their brunch recently and it was not the same caliber experience.

      The food quality and preparation was good. No garnish, $4 side of potatoes was small for the price. An omelet came out with the other persons potatoes. Then a bread basket. Eventually the Benedict that went with the potatoes arrived. Coffee refill was never offered, had to ask. Service rather uninterested...

      When an omelet was ordered the server asked if anything was desired with it. My SO replied "toast?". Well the toast came,basic white bread, two slices cut on the diagonal. And a $4 charge since it turns out they consider it a side. No butter, no jam....I have trouble feeling that two slices of rather basic toast warrants a $4 charge, especially since it wasn't clear that it was an "extra".

      If this had been our first experience there it would have become our last. Since all prior meals have been great I suspect either we caught a very off service or maybe brunch just isn't their best option.

    2. In Chapel Hill, many people seem to like Carolina Crossroads at The Carolina Inn. I haven't yet gone myself, but two foodie friends of mine who are terrifically knowledgeable about food really like it. I'm taking my mom there for her birthday in a couple weeks, so I can let you know. I'm not sure on prices, but it is probably somewhere in that range.

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      1. re: durhamois

        I'd second that recommendation. Back when my parents could travel down here, we'd have brunch there, and it was always good. Also, I've been there for dinner several times and never had a bad meal. I think Carolina Crossroads is under-appreciated for what it offers. Maybe because it's in a hotel?

      2. The Sunday brunch at Acme in Carrboro is my favorite, hands down - whatever you order (I like the cheddar, tomato, bacon and wild mushroom omelet or the Carolina Eggs Benedict with fried green tomatoes) be sure to get a side of whatever the seasonal coffee cake is. Bistro vibe, moderate prices.

        If you can make it to Watts Grocery in Durham, DO! The grits bowl with local sausage is amazing, and the churros (little cinnamon donut sticks) with hot chocolate dipping sauce are worth driving across the Triangle for.

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        1. re: emandm

          I have heard that the brunch at ACME is terrific too -- even a friend who's a server there will go for brunch on her day off. But I wouldn't know personally because the person I'm mostly likely to have brunch with when she visits won't let us try it. She makes us go to Crook's Corner every time, which is just fine with me. I usually have the Eggs New Bern (like Benedict, but on a biscuit with tasso ham), but last weekend I tried the Cajun omelet (classic creole sauce, cheese and, of course, tasso ham), and it was terrific too. Also, we love their Bloody Mary's with pickled okra that they will bring you on the stroke of noon. I should also mention their iconic shrimp and grits, too...

          1. re: ksherk

            The brunch at ACME has been woefully inconsistent... always excellent bloody marys, but service ranges from pretty good, if hurried, to 'OMG my server has clearly been abducted' bad. Food this past Sunday came out cold, coffee was never refilled, despite asking a few times.
            Watts, on the other hand, has been a rockin' experience. EXCELLENT food, super cheap ($6 for a huge grits bowl with all those toppings? yum!) the aforementioned churros, a killer catfish po-boy... the list goes on. We can bike to ACME from our house, but Watts has quickly supplanted it as our go-to Sunday brunch... but make a reservation. Line was at the door at the opening bell a couple of weeks ago.

            1. re: Pigloader

              I would have to agree that the problem with brunch at Acme is that it's inconsistent. But still I would recommend it because when it's good, it's really banging.

              1. re: Pigloader

                Totally inconsistent. And they feel free to change what they offer from what it says on the menu. I've had good brunches there, and just horrendous ones. Not willing to chance it again.

            2. re: emandm

              They have churros and chocolate at Watts? I'm so going! Thanks for the tip!

            3. Our favorite places to eat brunch have been Acme (no issues with service for us), and Rue Cler in Durham. The Beignets and French Toast at Rue Cler are both fantastic, as is the Oeufs Rue Cler. Nothing we have had there hasn't been great, and it's usually not hard at all to get a table, and easily falls in the price range.

              Rue Cler Restaurant
              401 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

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              1. I really like the brunch at Panzanella in Chapel Hill, and it would be under $50. Good eggs benedict.