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Feb 21, 2009 02:50 PM

Does anybody remember when Pizza Hut used to be good?

I'm watching a food network pizza special and they're showing a crispy pizza with some burnt spots on the crust, packaged to go with their little paper tent. I used to get this thin crust delight back in the early seventies, and bring it home on my motorcycle. Todays conveyor belt concotions bear no resemblance to yesterday's pie. I was a pure cheese guy, while my mom and brother were cheese and anchovie. Does anyone remember when they used an actual oven and were pretty good, not New York good but not bad at all?

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  1. I never remember when PH was good.

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    1. re: treb

      I second that emotion. Almost 20 years ago when I first got out of college, I distinctly remember eating it with a friend and having a major stomachache from ingesting all that grease. That was the last time I ate it . YUCK! I guess any of PH's glory days were before my time.

      1. re: kattyeyes

        Kattyeyes, forty years ago when I was in college, Pizza Crud had a Tuesday night all-you-can-eat pizza deal. I got thrown out after my crummy third pie (little guy, big appetite). Never been back, no regrets.
        What happened to that great pizza place down hill from Wesleyan w/ the outside dining under the grape arbor?

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Hey, Passa! I'm sure you now consider yourself lucky they through you out before you "indulged" any more. ;)

          Giuseppe's is the grape arbor place you're remembering. My all-time favorites in town are both long gone--Giovanni's (used to be near the SNET building on Broad St.) and my uncle's place (Alfredo's Riverside). I didn't realize Giuseppe's was gone, too--here's what replaced it:

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            Wes is one kick ass school. Who else could produce Timothy Leary, Bill Belachek, and Little Passasmartkeg!

    2. I don't even "remember" them. 30 years ago, PH opened in my neighborhood 2 doors up from a local pizza shop and drove them out of business. I made it a point to never patronize them.

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      1. I remember there was a pizza hut on the drive down the shore. We would stop and I could get my very own individual pizza. It was heaven. Crispy, chewy, and all mine. Recently i was stuck in Newark airport with my boys, and the only food option was Pizza Hut. I bought them each one (at 10 bucks a piece, ouch), and they threw more than half away and declared it disgusting. And these are boys who are not opposed to eating bugs, or dirt, or grass. I guess their new taglne should be "Pizza Hut, tastes worse than bugs!"

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          Back in the early 1980s, Pizza Hut used to have this florentine stuffed pizza that I really loved as a kid. It was my first introduction to spinach and cheese in a pizza and I sometimes wish I could try it again to see if it was as good as I remember. I have never been a fan of any of their other pizzas, but I loved that one.

        2. I haven't been to one in years and years and years. But when I did order delivery or when I ate at one of their pizzerias (back in the day), I enjoyed their pies. The pan crust was my favorite. The crust had some rise and a bit of color to it.

          Also, they were pretty generous with their toppings. Plenty of meat!

          Alas, you did pay for the pleasure the next morning, or later in that evening. Their pan crust combo and even the veggie were by far the greasiest pizzas I had ever tried. I just found it funny that even the veggie pan crust was just soaked in grease from top to bottom. Maybe that's why it was so tasty!

          Pizza hut pizzas are probably ok for a college student's metabolism (along with a wallop of alcohol), but adults will have a hard time stomaching their tastier/greasier pies.

          PS: I'm sure quality has plummeted in recent years. They're selling them at little kiosks everywhere they sell taco bell, so the prep is probably extremely fast and therefore very sloppy. I don't understand why these stores are able to proliferate to the same degree that their quality plummets.

          1. You mean when Dodo birds roamed the earth?

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              No, a little after that. When Ed McMahon did their TV ads.