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Feb 21, 2009 02:24 PM

Huckleberry, anyone?

I was so eager to check out Huckleberry Bakery, opened a few days ago by the husband and wife team behind Rustic Canyon. Got there are 10:30am for brunch: boy, the place was jammed pack, and it's only their first weekend brunch! The deco reminded me of M Chaya Cafe at Culver City, with communal tables on the left and small tables on the right, it was crowded and noise level was a bit on the high side.

The menu looked good: pancake, BLTA & Jidori Chicken caught my eye. Desserts looked good too. However, I was looking for a place to eat & read and this was not it. I grabbed a plain croissant & raisin scone to go. Croissant was good, flaky & crunchy - I prefer Amandine's & La Pain du Jour's, but this is pretty darn good. Raisin scone was good too: not the buttery, flaky apricot ginger scone from Clementine that I'm addicted to, but a hearty scone that will go down well with a glass of milk.

I wonder if anyone manage to have a proper brunch there? Please share your thoughts. I was a bit taken a back from the price: salads & sandwiches were in the $10-$12, comparable to Anisette, but that's not gonna stop me from going back.

Huckleberry 1014 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica.
(310) 451-1322.
Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. (They said extended hours will be in effect soon..

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  1. Went there yesterday around lunch time. It was so crowded...I decided it wasn't worth it to wait.

    1. Was also there yesterday for an early lunch and yes, it was busy but the line moved very quickly. We got the brisket sandwich to eat there and a couple of pastries to go. The brisket was so good! Wicked tender, braised in a tomato-y sauce and on their ciabatta which was awesome, definitely some of the best ciabatta I've had in LA. Their sandwiches are a bit pricey but decent sized and the quality is evident. As far as pastries, I had the coffee cake, maple bacon biscuit, doughnut, banana tart and fruit tart. Their coffee cake is as good as I remember it being from the RC breakfasts; tarts were beautiful and delicious and not too sweet(even better than Bake n Broil's banana cream pie!); doughnut was meh, it's not the same cinnamon sugar doughnuts that they serve at RC, the maple bacon biscuit was pretty good though I'm not one of those who are huge fans of bacon sweets. I have plans to go back early next week to try more/different breads and more pastries of course. Will report back after that.

      1. Went there for breakfast Sat morning 2/21. The place was packed and noisy but managed to get a table. Too many kids in strollers and nowhere to put them. Not sure how the servers work but I had to get my own water and glasses. My coffee drink never arrived - after 30 minutes of asking... The place seemed quite disorganized and no one really knew where to go and what to do. The pastries were just ok - kind of cold. The egg sandwiches that were being paraded around looked really good. The bread looked really good. Disappointed but will go back after it settles down.

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          The food was better than average but it is so LOUD. I think they need to figure out a way to change the acoustics as i could not hear a word my friend said from across the table! It would be good for take-out. The cookies and pastries looked wonderful. I had brisket and it was very tasty but not good enough to compensate for the noise.

        2. I went on Sunday afternoon, and it was a madhouse. The food is very good, but they seemed unprepared for the crowds. They ran out of most of their made-to-order items by the time I was there (2 p.m.), and there was only one poor woman behind the counter trying to get through the very long line.

          They've clearly found a niche, but there are still a few kinks to work out.

          1. do they run the place like rustic canyon used to run brunch? point and pick for the baked goods and order for made to order entrees? or do they have wait staff? also, does anybody know if they have the french donuts with hot chocolate???

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              It is run pretty much the same as the RC breakfasts: Order at the counter and if eating there, sit at a table with a number and someone will bring you your food.

              When I was there I did not see their french donuts, just regular donuts. Here is their website, take a look at their menu.