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Feb 21, 2009 01:58 PM

I'll be in South Philly this weekend 2/27 28 & 3/1

I've never been there. Please send me some recommendations.
My wife is dragging me to the flower show and I hear it is close to "Little Italy" Passyunk Avenue
I'm looking for two Italian dinner spots. I prefer "a hole in the wall" with great food and service as aposed to a fancy expensive place.
I"ll be there 3 days at lunch time. I must have a Philly cheese steak, pizza, hot dogs, and I talian sandwiches. Where should I go?
One more thing, where are the good Italian markets?
Thank You in advance. I appreciate it!!

(PS) Flower Show???

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  1. Villa d'Roma for a great hole in the wall meal. Don't miss the greens and the chicken sicilian or neo.
    A pork and greens sandwich at Tony Lukes
    Go to 9th st. (Villa is there) cheese shop, etc. is all around there.
    I now live in California.....wish I could eat it all w' ya

    1. p.s. I always looked forward to the flower show every year. It was said that it is one of the country's best. Enjoy.

      1. on 9th St, you can go to Dibruno's and Claudio's for your Italian market craving. Have dinner at L'Angolo - it is byob, and seats maybe 30, so call for a reservation. The flower show is across the street from Reading Terminal Market, which should not be missed if you are looking for good food.

        1. The flower show is not really close to the Italian Market area, but it's not too far either--about 12 blocks to the northern most part, 9th and Fitzwater. There you'll find Sarcone's Deli, which is a great place to have an Italian sandwich.

          1. Try Shank and Evelyn's at 10th and carpenter if you get a chance for an amazing roast beef sandwich. This is one block off the Italian market. Served w/ bowl of gravy in a transformed S philly rowhouse. Zagat rated. See