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I'll be in South Philly this weekend 2/27 28 & 3/1

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I've never been there. Please send me some recommendations.
My wife is dragging me to the flower show and I hear it is close to "Little Italy" Passyunk Avenue
I'm looking for two Italian dinner spots. I prefer "a hole in the wall" with great food and service as aposed to a fancy expensive place.
I"ll be there 3 days at lunch time. I must have a Philly cheese steak, pizza, hot dogs, and I talian sandwiches. Where should I go?
One more thing, where are the good Italian markets?
Thank You in advance. I appreciate it!!

(PS) Flower Show???

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  1. Villa d'Roma for a great hole in the wall meal. Don't miss the greens and the chicken sicilian or neo.
    A pork and greens sandwich at Tony Lukes
    Go to 9th st. (Villa is there) cheese shop, etc. is all around there.
    I now live in California.....wish I could eat it all w' ya

    1. p.s. I always looked forward to the flower show every year. It was said that it is one of the country's best. Enjoy.

      1. on 9th St, you can go to Dibruno's and Claudio's for your Italian market craving. Have dinner at L'Angolo - it is byob, and seats maybe 30, so call for a reservation. The flower show is across the street from Reading Terminal Market, which should not be missed if you are looking for good food.

        1. The flower show is not really close to the Italian Market area, but it's not too far either--about 12 blocks to the northern most part, 9th and Fitzwater. There you'll find Sarcone's Deli, which is a great place to have an Italian sandwich.

          1. Try Shank and Evelyn's at 10th and carpenter if you get a chance for an amazing roast beef sandwich. This is one block off the Italian market. Served w/ bowl of gravy in a transformed S philly rowhouse. Zagat rated. See www.hollyeats.com.

            1. Lunches: Reading Terminal Market (across from the flower show, try a DiNic's Roast Pork with Rabe and provolone or the italian pulled pork. If you are there for another meal try Hershel's Deli or the Amish chicken wings at Dienner's
              Italian Market - go south to 9th and Catherine (about a mile south of Market St, not quite) try Sarcone's Deli for lunch - great hoagies, go 1 more block south to 9th and Christian and get a slice from the window at Lorenzo's Pizza (for some reason the slice is better than the whole pie. Go to the next window down on 9th street - Georges - and get a cheesesteak. Go 1/2 a block further and check out the meats and cheeses at Claudios and Dibruno's. Check out Villa D Roma - maybe come back for dinner. Keep walking down 9th, stop in at Anastasi's Seafood at 9th and Washington and have a beer, order some seafood if you are still hungry. Keep going down 9th Street, stop at Taquitos de Puebla Restaurant for tacos al Pastor, or go a half block further and get a Vietnamese Hoagie at O Sandwiches. Soak in the ambiance at Pat's and Genos (don't eat, take your picture). Walk down Passyunk Ave (it hits 9th at Pats/Genos) Consider dinner at Mr Martino's or Marra's for pizza. Go to Mancuso's and eat his fresh made mozarella and ricotta. Check out the many Italian restaurants - Le Virtu, Paradiso, Tre Scalini - plan your next meal. Walk down Broad street to Porter - try L'Angelo for dinner.
              If you have a car go to John's Roast Pork at Front and Snyder (weekdays only, til 2pm or so) for a cheesesteak and a roast pork. Alternately go to Tony Luke's at Front and Oregon for the same thing.

              1. Well I think you are going to enjoy the flower show probably more than you think you are. This year there will be strolling musicians, Italian cooking demonstrations, as well as Italian wine tastings. The flower displays and gardens are always amazing.

                You are here for three days but only one of those is the flower show (it starts March 1) so you'll have plenty of time to see more of Philadelphia and test out all the places recommended above!

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                  I put down the wrong dates, I'll be there the 6th 7th and 8th.
                  Yes I heared the theme is Italian. Sounds Great!!
                  Thank You everyone for your recommendations!!! I'm hungry already

                2. I'm back from the flower show. It was great! My wife and I arrived friday at around 1:00pm. I had my navigation set to John's Roast Pork. The line was out the door. A lot of people were ordering fish cake sandwiches, and they looked pretty good. Then I remembered it was lent. We ordered a large roast pork with provolone, they don't have rabe and they ran out of spinach.
                  It was a little scary ordering, I felt like I was in the Seinfield episode ordering soup. The pork was so tasty and flavorful, a lot of seasoning.
                  Next we went to the Italian market. Stopped and had a slice at Lorenzos. Awesome pizza.Can't find good pizza in Jersey. I looked next door at George's and saw their cheese steak. I said lets walk around a little and we'll come back for one. We went up 9th and finally came to Geno's. I couldn't resist and ordered a cheese steak at Geno's. The guy at the window was nice. I said can I have a cheese steak, he said with onions? I said yes, he said whiz, american, or provolone, I said whiz. When the guy next in line ordered he said I'll take 2 Whiz With. Now I know
                  We went to L'virtue for dinner. It was fabulous. My wife had papperdelle with mushrooms and truffles. I had seafood in cartoccio.
                  Woke up Saturday morning and first went to the terminal market. It was 10:30 am my wife wanted breakfast, I went to Dinic's I had a roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone. It was great!! wish I could have tried a few more places but we had to go to the flower show. Thanks to everyone for their recommendations. It was a great time