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Parmesan crisps

Does anyone know how to make parmesan crisps? Thanks..

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  1. Just a mound of shredded cheese on a silicone-lined baking sheet or a non-stick skillet , med-to-med-high heat and watch them, then let cool before removing. I've seen it done with just a shake of flour mixed in but don't think it's essential. I've done them on my wafflemaker, too.

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      I use the same method but use parchment paper.

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        We use parchment paper on a baking sheet, too--no flour. Super easy!

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        don't "mound" but rather spread out in a layer.... Gourmet mag mixed the shredded parmesan with a little flour then flattened spoonfuls into circles on parchment, baked until crisp. I've never used the flour and then still come out great

        1. Lay out a flat layer and when they come out of the oven, you can hang them over upside diown glasses to form cups (sorry if everyone knows this).

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            glasses work, so does a mini/standard muffin tin depending on the size you want (less glasses to wash) :)

          2. I also wanted to say that if you're just making one or 2, you can do them in a small non-stick skillet. Spread the cheese in a thin layer, cook over med-low to low heat and watch carefully. You want the oils to cook out, but you dont' want to brown them. Browning makes them bitter. You can also make cheese crisps from other cheese. Surprisingly, pre-shredded cheese work really well for this application. Sargento shredded sharp cheddar makes great cheese crisps. Again, don't let them brown, the brown is very bitter.

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              Bitterness might depend on the cheese, or your palate - I certainly don't find Swiss bitter when it browns.

              Thank you for pointing out that I neglected to include the part about spreading the mound into an even round. I think I've read that pre-shredded cheese usually contains a tiny amount of added starch, to keep it from clumping, which is probably why it makes good crisps.

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                I've made them in the cast iron pan as well as on an unlined cookie sheet.

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                  I don't think the pan needs to be non-stick either. The oil cooking out of the fricco makes for its own non-stick surface.

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                    just don't do what I did last night - it's a coincidence I'm seeing this post today, wish I saw it then. I experimented and put them in a non stick pan that had a bit of olive oil in it, and I ended up with parmesean gum.

                  2. If I just want a few for a snack I put them on a plate and pop in the microwave. I mound the parm., sprinkle with cracked pepper, and put them around the edge of the plate cooking until they are just crispy.

                    I have seen Giada make large flat ones and then put in a muffin (or maybe it was a mini muffin) pan to form little cups, that she filled with something. Guess I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention! LOL! Sorta like what Sam said.

                    Here is a recipe from WFM:


                    1. Make sure you don't use that powdery stuff in the bag in grocery stores, it will just burn rather than melt. IMO, it works better w/o parchment as they seem to get crisper and it doesn't cause a big mess on the sheet.

                      We also add spices to the cheese like oregano or rosemary. They also taste great with dry rub for BBQ.

                      1. When warm, you can form them into mini taco shell shapes using a variety of methods, but one is using tin foil snakes lightly formed into about 1-inch diameter, drape fricos over. When cooled, fill with a lightly dressed micro greens salad with maybe a few chopped veggies, like cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, red onion, shredded cheese. Two-bites-sized. Serve and eat before the salad softens the frico.

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                          I made some a few weeks ago using Gran Padano instead of parmesan. It's got less fat and tastes better. Parmesan crisps are very popular in the UK, so I as an immigrant, I thought I'd try it out. It was easy and really worked well.

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                            Had something like this at a party once...they were little taco shaped cheese shells filled with chicken ceaser salad, sooo good!

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                              yes, I've had them at a party where the cheese cups were in the shape of a shot-glass, filled with caesar salad...she called them salad shots...they were really awesome!

                          2. My girls and I actually experimented with various cheeses the other night. Parmesan worked well. We mixed in some cooke pancetta and whoa were they good. We also used gruyere, mozzerella, cheddar and havarti with dill. The gruyere was my favorite. Didn't care for the mozzerella at all. It's kinda fun and the only way to screw them up is to burn them

                            1. When everyone refers to "parmesan" do you mean Parmagiano Reggiano or processed parmesan?

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                                  Not the "green can" or other powdered Parmesan, but it doesn't HAVE to be the really pricey stuff. Any decent-quality shredded Parmesan will do - either buy it shredded or get a chunk and do it yourself.

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                                    Costco has a Parm. Reg. that's shredded in a large plastic jar, that's pretty good and at a good price.

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                                      pre-grated cheese has stabilizers in it, so doesn't work for this.

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                                        I have no packaging on hand at the moment, but I can tell you that I always buy pre-shredded (not grated in the powdery texture sense) Parmesan (usually Trader Joe's or Costco) and have no problems making crisps with them, in the oven, frying pan, or wafflemaker.

                                2. I have been experimenting with these using pecorino romano & mine come out chewy rather than crispy...what am I doing wrong? Help I want the for a party this weekend.

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                                    Well, they're not shatteringly crisp, and the edges are crisper/browner than the center. But it sounds like you need a little more time and/or higher heat. Don't walk away - they'll burn if you aren't quick to remove them when ready.

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                                      Are you maybe using too much cheese? All you need is a thin layer.

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                                        I'm doing them in the oven & using a Tablespoon & then flattening it out. I grated the Pecorino on the big holes of my box grater & only added black pepper & some of them I sprinkled the tiniest bit of gorgonzola on too. Some of the outer edges are crisp but the center is chewy (not pleasantly so) & not what I'm going for. I cooked them at 375 & they got golden in about 6 minutes--let cool on the parchment. I want to serve them with roasted pear soup.

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                                          I think you need to shred the cheese on the smaller holes. Skip the gorgonzola.

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                                            really? should I use my microplane which makes it almost like a powder?

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                                              No - you said you were using the large holes on a box grater. Use the smaller holes (NOT the side with the sharp protrusions that grate rather than shred). You want shreds like uncooked fine noodles for chicken soup. Gorgonzola melts differently so I'd omit it until you get the right result with the Pecorino - then try your "tiniest bit" and see if it still works.

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                                                OK--will do some more tonight--at least I like eating the rejects...and the gorgonzola tastes amazing on them. I think I will also try letting them cool off the pan..maybe on a rack. thanks greygarious (beautiful dog)..

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                                                  The gorgonzola is probably the problem. It has a lot of moisture that will inhibit the crisps from getting crisp.

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                                                    actually I only put the gorgonzola on 1/2 of them--the others were plain & still chewy. I'm trying another batch tonight.

                                  2. Ok, I just finished another batch of frico---success!!! I mixed cheese grated on the big holes w/ chesse grated on the small holes, let them cool on the pan for about 30 seconds & then transfered to a cooling rack & they were super crispy! I did one w/ gorgonzola & it wasn't as crisp---not bad but not like the others. They are very salty because of the pecorino (one of my guests is lactose intolerant so can't use cow's milk cheese) but I love them. Thank you to all who helped!

                                    1. Easiest way is to buy the Parmesan in a brick, the harder the better. Shave it with a potatoe peeler. I'll do 4 or 5 slices on a paper plate (coated) for about a minute and a half in the microwave.

                                      You can tell when done by watching. When the oil/fat has separated from the slice, and the cheese is getting firm but still bubbling, pull it out and flip them onto a paper towel. They will harden and cool in a few seconds, no they won't stick.

                                      You are left with one of the yummiest snacks a low carber will enjoy!!!

                                      1. This takes 'em a level up--layered with tomatoes cooked with onions in BRANDY, then ricotta. And on my list to make. YUM!

                                        1. From my thread about my Three Cheese Crisp Sandwich, here is the simple recipe and my photos of how I make Parmesan Crisps. Some like to add a pinch of cayenne, garlic powder and other spices to the cheese. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/845369

                                          Parmesan Crisps

                                          8 tablespoons fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (Italian, imported, never the stuff in the green can it won't crisp), grated on the large holes of a box grater.


                                          1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
                                          2. Line a rectangular baking pan with a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.
                                          3. Place a 2 ½-inch biscuit/cookie-cutter (I use a simple rubber bracelet) on the mat at least one inch from the top and side of the pan, and sprinkle one tablespoon of cheese evenly into the mold. Remove mold and repeat with remaining cheese, spacing cheese mounds at least one-inch apart from each other and the sides of the pan.
                                          4. Bake for approximately 10 minutes or until the cheese crisps start to turn golden brown.
                                          5. Remove from oven and let set a minute, then remove crisps and place on cooling rack until cool. Yield 8 crisps.