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Feb 21, 2009 01:43 PM

Q Shack coming to Carrboro

Saw the sign where the old Crawdaddy's was, right near Cat's Cradle. Any hounds know the opening date, I am salivating at the thought!

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    1. Sweet! Operated by Dan Ferguson of the Durham location, I hope...don't know about their Raliegh location run by his former partner.

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      1. re: bbqme

        We go to the Raleigh locaton for the music, but we don't like the food there. I didn't know it has a different owner. So the Durham location is good? Oh, and do you know who the former partner is?


        1. re: JoanInNC

          The Durham location is the original Q Shack. Then Dan took on a partner and opened locations in Raleigh and the Southpoint Mall. Apparently, the partners had a falling out. The Mall location was closed and each partner took ownership of the remaining to locations. I will say that the quality of their que suffered during the partner ship years and I stopped going there. But after the "divorce" things quickly got back to previous quality level at the Durham location. I cannot speak for the Raleigh location as I haven't eaten there.

          1. re: bbqme

            Would the former partner by Leroy?

            1. re: JoanInNC

              I have no idea. I only know Dan from when he did some catering for me.

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        1. This Q Shack will not be owned by Dan (Durham Original). It's owned by the Raleigh Q Shack. Sorry Carrboro............

          1. re: chops

            hey, we'll take it in downtown carrboro.... especially for the brisket... thats hard to get around here.. is it at least better than Jim's Famous BBQ in Chapel Hill ?

              1. re: jgr66

                For good brisket in the area, I go to The BBQ Joint on Weaver Dairy and hope it's on special there, since they don't always have it. The brisket at Q Shack isn't that good IMO, so I tend to stick to pulled pork when I go there.

                The Barbecue Joint
                630 Weaver Dairy Rd Ste 101, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

                1. re: cheinonen

                  Well BBQ joint is a 10-15 minute drive, something I cant always do for lunch..
                  Q Shack in Carrboro will be a few blocks away from me... I've had the brisket in Durham & while its nothing compared to places in TX I've been I still enjoyed it.
                  No doubt The BBQ joint will be good but I just cant get over there much & its can be a little pricey if you ask me..
                  I'm game for giving the Carrboro Q shack a chance being its so close..

                  1. re: jgr66

                    Occasionally the Q shack sells at Lenoir on UNC's campus. They rotate with an Indian place, a Jamaican place, and possibly one other. I rarely eat on campus but when I do it is whatever is in that spot. Med Deli is there 5 days/wk too.

                  2. re: cheinonen

                    How long has it been since you tried the Q Shack's brisket? Its quality suffered during the partnership/expansion years but it has been top notch the last 1.5 years of so after they each went their separate ways IMO.

                    1. re: bbqme

                      Have to second this one. I'm a fan of their brisket myself, and I regularly have a guest come up from Dallas, who raves about it. I've been to a bunch of places in the DFW area and none was better, although some were equal. I love their chili as well.

                      1. re: Remsleep

                        I was at the Q Shack last saturday, the 2nd day of opening. My father and I shared an order of pork ribs and a plate of brisket with sides of potato salad, cole slaw, beans & hushpuppies.

                        We're not experts on North Carolina bbq, but I can say the ribs and brisket were melt in your mouth tender. My dad, the New Yorker had a bite of the brisket, and said ' this is brisket!' It really hit all the notes, slightly fatty, cooked until it almost shredded, we brought some back to the other members of my family and they raved too. This was to me great Jewish deli brisket. All I needed was a kosher pickle and some mustard..

                        The pork ribs were really succulent and everyone loved them, but as I say I don't know how that rates for North Carolina. My dad said they were the best ribs he ever had & liked the thick sauce, I prefer the thin vinegar one myself.
                        As for the sides: the cole slaw was great, fresh with a vinegar dressing, the potato salad too was first class, big chunks, dry not overly mayonaissed; my dad loved the baked beans and the hushpuppies were terrible, really sweet.
                        If they keep up the quality this place will be jammed, it was pretty busy the night I was there. I'd love to here from bbq aficionados what they think.

                        1. re: Rory

                          Thanks for the report. Sounds likethings are off to a good start. As others have noted, Q Shack is more similar to Texas style que than NC style, the difference being a focus on beef, much heavier smoke, and a tomato-based sauce instead of vinegar. I am eager to try the ribs after your write-up because the only place I have found ribs to my liking of the places I've tried is Smokey's Shack in Morrisville. I love the Q Shack in Durham's brisket but their ribs are only so so, often overcooked and dry.

                          1. re: bbqme

                            I had the ribs this week. They were very good. Not at all dry. Generally, I could not detect any discrepancy between the Carrboro and Durham Q-Shacks. I have no doubt that Q-Shack will be a success at that location.

            1. I think the Q Shack bbq is absolutely gross. The place was packed so we thought we'd try it. We subsequently figured out it was full of yankees who didn't know any better.

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              1. re: ilovecue

                Did you have the NC-style cue? As many note above, the place is known for Texas-style. The brisket is particularly good. I have never tried the NC-style there, thinking it unlikely to be very good.

                1. re: Sinophile

                  Their NC Q may not be the best in NC, but it's hardly "gross".

                  1. re: suse

                    I'll give it another try, but my latest trip to Q Shack Carrboro was disappointing. The brisket was cooked to the consistency of mushy pot roast and the taste was equally mushed. The mac and cheese, which is awesome at the Durham location, was bland and under baked.

                    While I applaud the use of Texas style mesquite in the cooking, brisket should not fall apart before it gets to your mouth.

                    1. re: grinwell

                      Can't there be room in everyone's heart for all the different styles of BBQ? To settle the dispute. The Q Shack in Carrboro is owned and run by Tom Meyers who also owns the Q Shack in North Hills. He is a man of many talents including being a partner in the wine concept Sauvignon Republic Cellars along with fellow talented chef Mr. John Ash, Mr.Paul Dolan the organic and biodynamic winemaker and Mr. John Buechsenstein the talented winemaker and teacher at CIA-Greystone in Napa and UC Davis. He makes a mean hush puppie and some serious brisket.

              2. Thus far I have only tried the pulled pork sandwich. While it didn't stand out it was good. One thing that I noticed was that, unlike the Durham Q Shack, the products used to make their food is locally sourced-- although what the local sources are isn't provided. I give them a few extra points for going this extra step.