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Feb 21, 2009 01:35 PM

appelskivers at the St. Paul winter farmers market

I've never had appelskivers (sp) but had thought about getting a pan and trying to make them. Then I read about appelskivers being made at the St. Paul winter farmers market. So I thought we better check that out.

Three revelations:

1. First, I thought that the winter farmers market was all outside. It's not. Part of it is outside (fresh meat and other stuff.) But part of it is inside at Golden's deli across from the farmer's market location. The inside market includes cheese, apples, honey, coffee, other stuff . . . . and appelskivers.

2. Second, I never knew Golden's Deli existed. In the summer, I sometimes get a bagel sandwich at the outdoor farmers market. Everything simple and fresh and good. Turns out they have a space across from the market at 4th and Wall. It's casual and homey. With all the summer market stuff and more.

3. The appelskivers. A woman there makes appelskivers to order on Saturday mornings and also sells appelskiver pans and mix. You get three appelskivers, your choice of different syrups and some powdered sugar on top. They aren't overly sweet (if you go lightly on the syrup) and have some tart apple inside. So we liked them. You can watch them being made -- it's an interesting process with a knitting needle traditionally used to kind of turn the round things as they cook until they are a nice browned sphere.

So this was a fun outing.

I found out about this at the heavy table magazine (now on my RSS feed). They had a feature on the St. Paul winter farmers market:

(Look for the story on the "Winter Underdogs of St. Paul." Includes a good picture of the appelskivers.)

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  1. Pretty funny: we also read about the aepelskivers on HeavyTable, also went to the winter market for the first time today, and also liked them very much! It was also fun to get to talk to the cheese folks from Wisconsin (Love Tree?) in a more leisurely setting than the summer market....