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Feb 21, 2009 01:22 PM

Mekong Delta in Baltimore

I just noticed this place today. Its on the corner of Saratoga and Liberty. Has anyone tried this place yet? When did it open? I'll try it soon and report back.

Mekong Delta Cafe
Vietnamese cuisine
105 W. Saratoga St.

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  1. Have heard about it but haven't been yet, let us know what you find out!

    1. Charming couple owns it. They have a separate lunch and dinner menu, I stopped in for lunch and they said they could fix noodle soups from the dinner menu but otherwise limited you to the lunch menu, which had about a dozen items. I had stir-fried noodles that were very tasty ($4.75, like all lunch entrees) and a shrimp-vegetable soup that was delightfully seasoned and had lots of veggies in it ($2.95). Between this and El Torito, the area around the Pratt Library has a couple of winners!

      1. We tried this place today and it felt like you were walking into a friends kitchen in the best possible way. As soon as we were seated we were brought a pot of tea on the house and were entertained by the owner/chef's adorable four year old sons. The food was made from fresh ingredients and absolutely deliciousness as well as being a great bargain. My dinning companion had the Pho soup which had an excellent broth and I had the Vietnamese pancakes. They are a rice flower based savory crape filled with vegetables, shrimp and chicken. They have not gotten their kitchen speed up yet, but they are new and will learn that quickly. All in all, it is a great place, extremely reasonable and for us, a place we plan on returning to soon.

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