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It's almost Lent, and fish sandwich time.

Jonesing for a fish sandwich that probably has cheese, has tartar sauce available and is not primarily composed of bun and breading. Kindly discuss your favorite cheapo fishwich and why it's wonderful. I just don't get why the MickeyD's version is so popular . Not enough fish-ness to it, for me. Once upon a time, Jack In The Box had great fish sandwiches, but that was years ago, and, alas, the wench is dead.

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  1. BK fish is reasonably good for a fast food hit. McDonald's was terrible last time I had it. It took me at least 3 bites to actually get a bite of fish!

    1. Probably the dollar price makes it taste good.

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        It's not a dollar anymore... $1.29 I believe...


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          I don't think the fish sandwich was ever on the dollar menu (at least not in the last couple of decades anyway). The one I bought last Friday (sandwich only) was $3.29.

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            It was as of a couple of years ago a dollar for lent, then they increased it to $1.29

      2. I am going to have van de kamps filets on whole wheat french bread . VDK is not miniced you can get a package of 10 for 4.00 at Walmart.

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          I prefer not to shop at Wal-Mart, but that's just me. More of a problem, however, is that there's no drive-through.

        2. Arby's fish is pretty good but it's been a year or so since I had one. They only have it at Lent.

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            I'm also a fan of the Arby's fish. Spicy mayo only for me tho. Their regular tartar sauce is that sugary stuff that a lot of places use for some reason. I'm just totally repulsed by sweet tartar sauce. Not sure why so many people prefer sugar coated fish, but to each their own. I much prefer tartar sauce made with real mayo, onions, and non-sugary pickles. The spicy mayo that Arby's uses has a decent kick to it, and it's not sweet.

          2. I had the fish sandwich at Wendy's last week, sans tartar sauce because I can't stand the stuff. The fish itself was pretty good, flaky, and the batter was crisp and crunchy. It doesn't come with cheese but I'm sure they'll add it for you. For about 30 cents, most likely, though.

            1. So the 'bun' is thinner... Fish Tacos are a great way to go and they are usually better than the oil soaked breaded fish patty in a bun.

              1. I just got an email from Wendy (still not sure how she found me since I don't buy her burgers at all anymore!!) But... She's in a little rowboat, telling me to try her new PREMIUM FISH FILLET:

                Let me share her note so you can join the fun:

                Dear Boc Dolce,

                Brrrrr. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing out here in the cold. Well, everyone knows that to get delicious North Pacific Cod you have to go to the North Pacific. And everyone knows that to get a Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich made with North Pacific Cod, you have to go to Wendy’s®! Nobody else has hand-cut fillets, lightly breaded with crispy Panko crumbs. Unlike some other fish sandwiches, there’s nothing fishy about them. Except the obvious!

                So head on down to Wendy’s and go fish! But hurry - it won’t last forever.

                Your Friend, Wendy

                Panko?!!?!?? I'm surprised. My husband wants to get some. I'll report back if I decide to give in to his demands.....

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                  I responded to their TV saturation campaign by trying one. The fish was quite good, but the sandwich was pretty small. At $6.50 for a combo, I could have walked across the street to a local fish and chips shop, got a much larger piece of fish and honest home made fries, and malt vinegar to boot.

                  Not that the Wendy's sandwich is bad, but I think there are better values out there.

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                    I tried the Wendy's fish sandwich the other day, and for $3+ that was a lot of breading and not all that much fish. What was there was greasy and a bit fishy. Maybe mine had been congeal....er, sitting, under the heatlamps for too long.

                    Guess I'll try the Arby's one next, although that would only be the second time I'll have set foot in an Arby's -- those reconstituted "roast beef" sandwiches kind of put me off.

                  2. Nothing beats the Filet-O-Fish. It's like the slider of fish sandwiches.

                    If prefer something more substantial, I think the Wendy's fish sandwich is pretty good. The difference with the Wendy's sandwich is the panko bread crust.

                    1. What's with all this fish sandwich talk (and by the way, Culver's does the best for fast food fish). Lent in Chicago means "pepper and egg sandwich" season.

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                        Pepper and egg sandwiches? That's really interesting. Are they featured as a specialty? Are they only available during Lent? (Or is this just what Mom always feeds you on Fridays?) I have Italian friends who swear by eggplant and pepper sandwiches, but there's something magical about peppers (I use Anaheims, rather than green or red) and eggs on ordinary bread.

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                          It's pretty much eggs scrambled with green peppers on an Italian sub roll (with or without provolone and/or gardiniere). A staple of the Italian delis in town.

                          Here's a quick rundown:


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                            Nice-looking blog there, too. But I agree with the guy who wanted his poblanos.

                      2. Believe it or not, I had a pretty delicious fish sandwich yesterday at Sonic. Believe it was $2.49 for the sandwich, $4.29 for the combo?

                        1. In Texas, Whataburger does a good "What-a-Catch". I ask them to add cheese, tomato and pickles. It's large and it just tastes right. It worked well for a quick lunch on a very busy Ash Wednesday!

                          1. I saw an ad for a 29 cent second Filet-o-Fish at McDs but I don't know if it's in Canada. Anyone?

                            1. I know to look for the Lenten fish sandwich at Wendy's & have indulged a couple of times
                              so far -- (only "fish" available here not FF is catfish, which I don't care for). The problem
                              with any "fish" is WHAT KIND OF FISH IS THAT? Don't let the clerk tell you it's fried!! I
                              mean, what kind when it was still swimming? To Wendy's credit, there's is Pacific Cod
                              and really quite good tho it has a bit of garlicky taste. And they cannot toast the bread which would add to the sandwich.! Forget McD's. They won't tell you what you're really getting. Hardee's will only say that it is Alaskan fish. So pls help me campaign to get the
                              truth from these chains.

                              1. Long John Silvers has a great fish sandwich, tastes like real fish and the tarter isn't bad. Better than Mickey Dees

                                Wendys is ok, don't like the sauce

                                1. I made the mistake of trying the arby's fish yesterday. Absolutely inedible. JMO.

                                  1. I saw an ad for Jack In the Box fish sandwiches, 2 for $3. I haven't tried them, but here's a review I found online...


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                                      Tried it last night, in fact. Definitely not enough fish, and a high ratio of batter-to-fish. Mine, however, did have the tartar sauce on it, unlike the linked review. Sonic 's version shows some promise, though.

                                    2. I think the Original Poster is more mentioning the special fish sandwiches only available at Lent or at special prices on Fridays during Lent, not regular eating habits...

                                      The Sea Dogs offered at Weinerschnitzel and the Arby's fish sandwich will be gone after Good Friday. The $1.29 Filet O Fish Fridays at McDonald's is not a year round thing unless the location is one of the privately franchised ones and not Corporate. The 99 cent fish tacos at L&L ( a Hawaiian food chain) are only for Fridays during Lent . The 2 for $3.50 fish sandwiches at Burger King and the 2 for $3 at Jack in the Box will also be gone. As will the Wendy's and Carl's Jr fish and the $1 Fish Snacker at KFC...

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                                        Didn't know they had a fried fish sandwich at Arby'/s, but haven't eaten there in a while. Church's Chicken has a couple of fried fish filets and fries for 2.99.
                                        McDonald's fish filet sandwiches are year round,always have been, but like Arby.s Wendy's etc. they only do it during Lent. As a kid, we always had fish of some kind every Friday, even though my parents rarely went to mass on Sundays, they did observe not eating meat on Fridays.

                                        1. re: HollyDolly

                                          ...just in case... :)

                                          (Some McD's have the fish sandwiches for $1.29 on Fridays year round)

                                      2. Due to the nature of my business, Fridays are really busy so I end up with needing to go the fast food route due to Lent - the fish sandwich at Whataburger. I know it's probably a regional chain, but just in case you have access I wanted to state that it is pretty acceptable - kind of good really for junk food.

                                        It's a pretty substantial sandwich with a large fried filet that hangs over the bun. I ask them to add tomatoes and pickles. The tomatoes have been quite fresh and it makes for a substantial meal without a side item... ahem... french fries.