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Feb 21, 2009 01:03 PM

40th bday party..... 60-70 people

I'm hoping you can help! I'm looking plan a 40th birthday party for my husband early this summer. I am looking for somewhere in NYC with a private room.. Any location is fine. Want somewhere with good food and a cool atmosphere. Lounge would be great or even a loft space... Looking to get a DJ and just do drink and heavy appetizers (cocktail party vibe) but I do want the food to be good...This is a crowded of foodies! Any help would be great appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Son Cubano in the MPD has a private room above the restaurant that is a great space, with its own bar, and passed tapas. Accademia di Vino on the UES also has a back room by the wine cellar that can be closed off for a party, not sure what their capacity is, and they usually have a group menu but they would probably work with you on heavy appetizers instead. Sala on Bowery has a private room downstairs, and will work with you on a menu of tapas as well (I asked them to add paella for a party I had there, and they were easy to work with). You could also probably work with a smaller restaurant to book it out in entirety for that size of group.

    1. My wife threw a 40th birthday party for me this past November for about 75 people. We rented out a private room at STK in the meatpacking district. It's a gorgeous room upstairs with a fireplace. We had an open bar, tons of passed hors d'ouevres, and a DJ. Everything worked out great.