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Feb 21, 2009 12:57 PM

Private Party for 60-70 in Essex County area

I'm hoping you can help! I'm looking plan a 40th birthday party for my husband early this summer. I am looking for somewhere around Essex County but for the right place will also consider Morris, Union or Bergen too (even NYC if it was a great space). Want somewhere with good food and a cool atmosphere. Lounge would be great or even a loft... Looking to get a DJ and just do drinks and appetizers but I do want the food to be good...This is a crowded of foodies! Any help would be great appreciated. Thanks!

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    We have had serveral affairs there and always enjoyed them.

    1. There is an upstairs lounge at Halcyon on Walnut Street in Montclair that fits your description. We looked at it recently as a possible wedding reception party, but it was more of a lounge-type space than we were looking for. They said they do great passed appetizers and a DJ for parties. We had a drink at the bar and the plates passing by looked delicious and probably were judging by the crowd.