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Feb 21, 2009 12:50 PM

Name of Oaxacan dish with eggs, chicken, broth, tomatoes?

I was listening to some PBS show ... mainly as background noise. Anyway, this one dish caught my attention and I missed the name of it. Googling is too challenging and I am not turning up anything useful. .

Anyway the ladies of this village use 100 eggs. They mix this with chicken meat. The egg, chicken mixture is poached in chicken broth. They put some tomatoes in a caulander and cook briefly in chicken broth. Eggs and chicken are scooped out and topped with tomatoes and something else.

Anyone know what this is called. It sounds good.

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  1. I think it's called higadito

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        Yes I posted it you can click here where it says "gatitaeyes"

    1. "Higaditos" means little livers. When I've been in Oaxaca, it has referred to chicken livers with eggs. My Oaxacan cookbook has a recipe of pork liver higaditos that includes a lot of eggs.

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        Don't think this was it. I think they used chicken meat and not livers. I chould be wrong as I didn't pay attention until I saw the egg/chicken mixture being poached. The finished dish which looked delicious just looked like scrambled eggs. It wasn't colored dark like the few dishes of higaditos I saw when I searched on that.

      2. It's higaditos. I've had it twice, both times at weddings in Oaxaca. It was made in a huge deep cooking vessel with the egg mixture added to a large amount of simmering chicken stock. The 100 eggs you reference is probably due to the fact that this is special occasion fiesta food, made to feed a large crowd, not daily fare.

        Higaditos are very light colored and look like scrambled eggs, as you describe, but the eggs are more tender than scrambled. It is made with chicken livers, chopped fine, not chicken meat. The taste is amazing, not livery at all.

        I've been looking for a recipe myself, but haven't found it exactly yet. So far this is the closest I've found, in terms of ingredients, but the cooking method is not the same.

        If I was going to try this recipe, I would prepare the eggs in a wok, or other large deep cooking vessel, mixing the ingredients together and then simmering them in a large amount of chicken broth. I seem to recall they were not stirred very often, forming a large mass or several large masses, but I could be wrong. It was almost 20 years ago. I didn't see them put the egg mixture together, but I would be surprised if they precooked the liver.

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          I posted the recipe for Higadito, check on gatitaeyes from sep 9,09


          My sister in-law is from Oaxaca and yes that's what is called "Higadito" and it is made with chicken at least they do it like that.
          Ingredients are
          Chicken serving for 4-6 people, 3-5 tomatoes, 1 onion, 1tbs of cumin, 3-5 garlics, and 8-10 eggs and 1 spoon of cooking oil

          1. Cook the chicken with the garlic and salt when done remove the chicken and shred the chicken after put aside
          2. Strain/drain the chicken broth and return to the pot, then remove the garlic and put in the blender with the cumin and blend and strain/drain in to chicken broth
          4.Put the pot to boil again at this time you should have added the cumin w/garlic after draining it and also add the chicken
          3.Cut the tomatoes and onion add them to the broth
          4. Add the oil to the Pot
          5. Put all the eggs in a bowl and whip them until al yellow and then when the pot is boiling add it all over and even in the pot, then try slowly to flip it like a omlet and move it but not too harsh then bring the flame lower until eggs looked cooked and you added salt to taste

          Your ready to taste your own home made Higadito oaxaca style
          Good luck !! and you let me know how it goes K
          P.S you can do it if you try

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            This sound delicious and different. I think I've got to try it both ways; just livers and just chicken. Why the oil? Surely there's some chicken fat floating around...
            Shouldn't there be some jalapeƱos hanging around this dish somewhere? Is there anything that normally accompanies it, like beans?

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              well usually they use lard instead of oil but I like to put vegetable oil and I think the purpose is for the eggs so they dont actually run but you can try without and see....but pls let me know if it works so I can leave out the oil ; ) TKs

            2. re: gatitaeyes

              Yes, that sounds like what saw. I know they were using the whole chicken.

              I don't know if you are still reading lulufarm, but I think this was served at a restaurant which was the reason for all those eggs.