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Feb 21, 2009 12:02 PM

Any early risers on Sundays?

Hi there,
Sort of an odd request; but short of making a bunch of phone calls to find out Sunday hours at various spots, I thought the 'hounds might be able to help me out.
I'm looking for a Sunday morning brunch/breakfast spot in the city that is open early --by early I mean 8 or 9ish. There are a bunch of spots I'd normally consider (Geoffrey's Cafe, Gaslight, etc) but they don't open till 10.
I'm leaning toward Mike's City Diner on Washington Street which is a bit more "diner-y" that I'd hoped for, but we're bringing along a 15 month old toddler, so casual is better anyway. Thanks in advance...
South End/JP area is preferred.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm pretty certain that Centre Street Cafe in JP opens at 9am for brunch - definitely casual enough for kids.

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      1. re: natecsd

        Get in line before 9 if you don't want a long wait.

        1. re: Karl S

          Centre St is very kid friendly and if you're in line around 8:45ish you'll get a table right away.

          Also - Vello's in Westwood isn't too far, opens at 8 am, and is full of kids.

          1. re: sallyt

            Thanks guys. Centre Street would have been a good call; unfortunately I'm reading this after our outing --we ended up a Mike's Diner which was good ---packed though, with a line snaking out the door at 9am. Got in quickly though.

      2. Not exactly in the South End, but Thornton's on Huntington opens at 8, and there shouldn't be much of a wait at that time. Pretty no-frills and not a desination place, but it could work if you need casual with a toddler in the area.

        Bouchee on Newbury opens at 9 if you want something a little more mid-range. There have been little ones there the couple of times we've eaten there. The food and service have been decent (but the cheese "hollandaise" is kind of weak) and it's a pleasant space.

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          Sorellas! In Jamaica Plain. They only do breakfast and I'm pretty sure they open at like 7am or something. People complain about the service from time to time but they get really busy after 9:30 or so. Early is better. Don't order anything complicated. They have a TON of options, but a good rule of thumb is more veggies in your omlette, the more questionable it will be- but the pancakes, etc are incredible and a basic order of eggs or a western omlette is safe and in my opinion, delicious.

        2. The Buttery and Metropolis open at 9 on Sundays.