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Looking for nachos with cheese sauce

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My wife and I are craving something that we used to get when we lived back east but haven't found a good version here in LA: Nachos with white queso cheese sauce. Not shredded, melted cheese, but liquidy cheese sauce.

Can anyone recommend a place, preferably in the South Bay, Venice, SM or westside, although we will always drive for good food. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Albertson's has the cheese sauce (yellow) in cans in the mexican section, grab some chips and jalapeno slices and you are good to go!

    1. Back east? No, they serve it at every compass point of the average football stadium!

      I've actually had outstanding nachos made this way in New Mexico, with slices of jalapeno in the cheese sauce. It's simple to produce a high-quality version at home by making a kind of Welsh rarebit using a light Mexican beer and appropriate creamy cheese. Just pour the hot (but never boiling -- the cheese would curdle) mixture of beer, cheese, and chilis over top-quality chips, and you're ready for anything from Hogan's Heroes reruns on the flat screen to Wu-Tang Clan on the stereo. I believe that covers all normal diversions and entertainments.

      Anyone know of a Los Angeles restaurant that offers the high-quality stuff?

        1. I've never seen a white cheese sauce. 7-11 and stadiums carry the day glo orange sauce. Not that that's a bad thing.

          1. Vallarta Markets specialize in Mexican ingredients and food . If anyone would carry that...it might be them...you can ask someone who works there the ingredients if they don't have it premade.

            1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm not talking about the day-glo orange stuff that you get at 7-11 and movie theaters... It's a thinner, white cheese sauce, like the kind you'd get as an order of queso dip with chips.

              1. One of my favs at Staples center and Dodger stadium; just nacho cheese sauce and pickled jalapeno rings on side.

                1. I am interested in the white nacho sauce too. We live in Cincinnati now and it is everywhere, on every taco, enchilada, nacho, you name it. Interestingly we never saw it during the 35 years we lived in CA. Then only shredded or crumbled cheese. Does anyone know the story behind this? We thought maybe the mexican food here was more 'Tex Mex' and the version served in CA was more 'Cal Mex' maybe? Or maybe the CA version cuts calories?

                  I googled it and found a professional food service recipe for Nacho white cheese sauce using Nestle prepackaged alfredo sauce and minor's creme (some kind of potion that keeps the sauce from breaking) and some white cheese. I think they make it by the 55 gallon drum here.

                  1. There is a white queso dip that I've had before at Senor Fred in Studio City, which came with some tortillas for dipping. I'm not sure if it comes with the nachos, but you might just try a place that offers a white queso dip and ask them to use that on the nachos.

                    1. i've only had this in mexico and i have only seen it once or twice in la. mostly east side kind of traditional restaurats.

                      i'd try cheese (i.e., meat free) nachos at don antonio's (pico b/w bundy/barrington). they do not use a cheese sauce - but do use jack (i think) cheese and it is melted well so that it is almost like a sauce. they serve it with beans, sour cream, guac., and jalapeno. maybe la cabana in venice - on rose.

                      or casablanca (220 lincoln -lincoln & rose) -- i do not like the food at this place, but i'm pretty sure that they serve this dish, and others on the board do not hate it as much as i do.