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Feb 21, 2009 11:54 AM

Kostas's [Generic] Greek Deli (Dupont)

So I went to one of the famous "line" eateries, where there is always a line, and you are lucky just to be in it waiting. This one is the greek deli at Dupont. It's so popular Kostas doesn't even need to give it a specific name, or provide any seating.

How good was it? It's good -- but realistically I think some have overrated it. It's quality, and the bread is baked fresh on the premises each morning. While I love this place, i would warn others that this is more of a case of an very good eatery that is relatively affordable, as opposed to a *great* experience. It has a peasant style feel to the food, each order an abundant amount that is sort of slopped together in the same tray.

The Gyro platter was a regular gyro with the usual green beans and a pasta orzo like side. The green beans and pasta had a similar taste and were very olive-oily and probably buttery. The gyro's bread was freshly baked and therefore a cut above most, but the actual sandwitch wasn't THAT much better than others I've had.

Still, overall, based on the relatively low price ($9-10), and portions, this is a good lunch extravaganza. Just not the 'best ever' that some reviews have hyped it up to be.

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  1. That GREEK Gyro, just because it sounds Mediterrenean is definitely not healthy! It is a concentration of cheap cuts of meat oozing in saturated fat to clog your arteries and give you an early heart attack and profits for Kosta! Forget it! For your health and well being! For the love of life please!! Go for legumes (chick peas, nuts, beans and then some!) instead of meat, for sure!!

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      Gyro sounds great to me!
      PS: When I want that other stuff, I make it at home or buy it at the supermarket cheap - my home-made hummus is better than anything in any restaurant, But it's next to impossible to make a real home-made gyro.

    2. weird you bring this up, i ate here for the first time on friday. there was too much tzatziki on my gyro for my tastes, but the soup and bread were incredible. will definitely be back for more of the latter, think i'll probably skip the gyro next time.

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          omg. it was crazy. it was so good. it was lemony and chickeny and carroty and ricey. it is called greek avgolemno soup. i'm not even going to try to pronounce it.

          1. re: littlew1ng

            Egg and Lemon Soup. Avgolemeno. Probably pronounced 'eggo-luh-meno.'

            I agree with the original poster that Kostas suffers from being oily and plain tasting. More quantity than quality.

            Cannot compete with the average family-run places in Astoria, Queens collected around 34th and Broadway.

      1. Yeah, I had the roast pork platter there and found it very large, but sort of lacking in flavor. It needed salt and pepper and lemon very badly. But I really find their operation quite charming, and it is an excellent bargain. I will definitely return because there's nothing like it around, but I agree with your evaluation: good but not amazing.

        1. The regular gyro isn't that great -- the turkey gyro is better. The hot dishes are very good usually. My favorite thing they make is a Mediterranean tuna gyro thing -- pita, olives, feta -- but it only shows up rarely. The Pastisio is fantastic, but really all the hot dishes are usually great. Fantastic bread. Overall overrated, I agree, but still very good if you know what to get.