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Apr 21, 2004 12:44 AM

food near aquarium in long beach?

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my folks and i are taking the blue line to long beach. what's good within walking distance?

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  1. Right in Shoreline Village there's Parker's Lighthouse, the Yardhouse, and a Mexican restaurant. Just up Pine, there's a new area, the Pike, with many of the usual chain suspects: CPK, PF Chang, Bubba Gump, Outback, Islands (I think) and a couple of others. However, there is a red bus/trolley that will take you up Pine Avenue where there are other choices. King's Fish House, Alegria, Mum's, the Madison, George's Greek deli, and probably some others I'm missing. You've got plenty of options easily accessible. I think there's also a water taxi (don't know if it operates in the spring) that goes from the Aquarium/Seaport Village area across to Los Alamitos Bay, where there are yet more places to eat.

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      LBQT is right, there is an Islands at the Pike. To put a little humble opinion into the thread, I'd make the walk (or bus) to Pine Ave, where I could go to King's Fish House (cross on Broadway).

      1. re: Panoz

        I second that. Either King's or the Yardhouse would be my choices.

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          I heartily second King's Fish House. If you love oysters, you'll be in heaven. Shellfish is the thing to order here. It's the sister restaurant of Water Grill and Ocean Ave Seafood. Mums is also very good. Varied eclectic menu with something for everyone, including a sushi bar.