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Feb 21, 2009 11:30 AM

recipe organizing/meal planning software for mac

I'd particularly like to be able to download recipes from the internet. I'd also be interested in websites that help organize recipes and plan weekly meals. I'm trying to get more organized with my shopping and cooking. thanks.

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    Computer Cuisine Deluxe (suggested by sarah88) sounds intriguing.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      i take that back...i just looked at the info for MacGourmet, and though it's more expensive, i think it's more comprehensive. and if you want nutrition analysis, the deluxe version has the info from the USDA database, whereas Computer Cuisine doesn't.

      i may spring for MacGourmet myself!

    2. MacGourmet is a great program for organizing your recipes:

      I was looking for the same thing a few months ago and came across it. I haven't used it much beyond cataloging my recipes, but they have a bunch of cool features. It costs $25 to buy but they have a free trial period in which you can still use all of the features (which I am actually still using now).

      Hope this helps!

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      1. re: Starcia

        wow it looks so cool. Going to try to convince the SO to put it on his precious mac.

        1. re: Starcia

          You can also order the MacGourmet Deluxe edition from Mariner Software, (there is also a link to Mariner on the MacGourmet site). This includes the base package plus the three plugins (Cookbook, Mealplan and Nutrition). If you order the base package and all three plugins à la carte from MacGourmet the price is $60.80. The Deluxe edition from Mariner is $44.95.

          (Note: I have no connection to either MacGourmet or Mariner Software. I just happened to have recently purchased MacGourmet myself, opting for the Deluxe version.)

          1. re: Starcia

            I use MacGourmet. On their website, there is a message board on their website where you will find all the Good Eats recipes in a ready-for-import file. There are also other recipes. So I basically got mine started with hundreds of recipe already in the program.