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Feb 21, 2009 11:21 AM

Urban BBQ - Silver Spring

It is closer to Hillandale, just North of the Beltway off New Hampshire Ave.

I have been excited to try some new BBQ. Got burned out on the restaurant BBQ and have been doing it myself lately but upon finding this site and doing some reading, I learned of lots of places nearby. Unfortunately Urban BBQ was one of'em.

The Good: Ribs and cole slaw. I will not say BBQ ribs because they were NOT SMOKED

The OK: I will not say bad because it was not bad - but I will NEVER get it again. The brisket and the pulled pork. Again - NOT BBQ.

I have read on CH that they have recently "upgraded" their smoker. I no nothing about it or how they do it (on site, centralized at one store, or something else). Maybe they were working on the smoker when I ordered and the oven was the best they could do that week (this week) at the location I visited.

Local big franchises IMO do it better.

As my first review, I have some disclosures:

I do not let my emotions guide my intellect. I have a friend that will be predisposed to any chain/franchise - I am not like that! But then I do not get my news from Oprah or Letterman.

I also do not breakout with bad, or crap just because I did not find it the best. Almost all food will be OK or not bad. Bad = sour, spoiled, burned, turned, dried out or soggy etc. That is something ya just can't eat.

I have no interests in any restaurants and have nothing to gain or lose by endorsing or poo-pooing any restaurant.

Maryland Farmer

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  1. I'd like to hear about a BBQ joint in Mont. Co. or Howard Co that does serve up the real deal.
    My experience with Urban is about like yours. OK food, but not worth some of the praising I have read. the Urban Burger off Rt 28 @ Bauer Drive served a burger to me that was about on par with McDonalds to my taste buds.

    I'd much prefer a sliced beef or pork sandwich from Hot Stone on East Gude than the meek fare at Urban.

    1. Their new smoker is only at the Rockville location.

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      1. re: tfbrennan

        I ate at the Rockville location and had ribs and brisket,. Whike I liked the meat for tenderness and smoke flavor on the brisket, the suce is too sticky sweet and was a little baked on. Next time I will have the brisket no sauce and try the side sauces. The ribs were a little dry and thus a bit chewy. Sauced even more heavily with more of a char on them. THis is simply not my preferred style.

        Again, I will be back for the brisket with no sauce. Damned good, expecially for DC which just ain't a BBQ town!

        I grew up with a family business in LA that served South Central. Man for the days of Dr. Hogley Wogley's Tyler Texax BBQ, Mr Jim's (You need no teef to eat our beef was their exact motto), Queen B's when I could resist the smother steak and more!

        1. re: deangold

          "You need no teef to eat our beef"

          1. re: Mister Big

            Radio, print and on the sign! and they were right, this was wet Q that was cooked to a smokey excess then simmered in a thick sauce balanced by vinegar and heet. I htink the only thing I have had around here to even approximate is hogs on the hill in greenbelt which is still my favorite spot followed by KBQ. I may try something else tomorrow on my day off!

      2. i've been to the one in rockville twice a few months back and wasnt really impressed. its sad to say but famous dave's is the best BBQ i've seen around here - and they're a national chain! but they do smoke their meats on premises and their sauces are very good.

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        1. re: Antonio Montana

          Not to beat a dead horse, but I have also been disappointed with Urban BBQ. I was there last week and got the pulled chicken. It came drenched in a sauce that had little flavor other than sweet. The chicken seemed very low quality. About on par with a food court. It was too bad that the chicken and sauce were sub-par, because the new smoker was kickin in. You could definitely taste it.

          On prior occasions, I have also tried the mac'n cheese, and cornbread, neither of which were worth writing about. The ribs are OK, but I would get them dry so that you can put your own sauce on.