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Feb 21, 2009 10:38 AM

Dorchester coffeeshops

I know there is one in the Lower Mills area, but I'm looking for something in walking distance of Edward Everett Square.

Am I destined to Dunks?

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  1. I can't think of the name, but it's across the street from The Avenue Grille on the corner of Mt Vernon and Dorchester Ave.
    I think the name is The Sugar Bowl.

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    1. re: janzy

      Yep, it's The Sugar Bowl. A nice family owned and run Ice Cream Shop/Cafe. They have sandwiches too. It's at 857 Dorchester Ave.

    2. There are also a few Vietnamese places on Dorchester Ave. not too far from there. Not the type of place to bring a de Beauvoir, but decent coffee and fine pastries.

      1. Target in South Bay is walkable, and has a Starbucks. Sophia's Cafe in the Macallen building, on Dot Ave. at Broadway in Southie is very good with the espresso drinks, they're super friendly & it's a sunny spot to sit. Ba Le on Dot Ave in Savin Hill has the best Vietnamese coffee, but no seating. The Lower Mills cafe you're referring to is Flat Black, and they've opened a branch in the Carruth building in Peabody Square -- a little closer than they're LM spot. We often drive to Flour & the Buttery in the South End & find parking w/o too much trouble. And of course, Dunkies are everywhere. The one inside the New Store On The Block is fun to sit around in and observe the lottery trade & watch TV ;-)

        1. I think you're thinking of Flatblack coffee which, although it's too far for you to walk, deserves a shout out as a Dot coffee standout.

          1. McKenna's on Savin Hill Ave. is pretty close. Decent breakfast also.