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Best Canned Chili For Chili Dogs?

Hormel regular w/o beans has been my usual, but was hoping I might find something even better, as long as it has no beans.

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  1. When I buy a big package of ground sirloin or beef I usually cook it all. I always but 2 small bags of beef in the freezer. I use it for a tomato based sauce or for chili, love it on my brats or even hot dogs or burgers. I make a simple chili sauce with the left over meat which just takes a few minutes.

    I have used hormel, whole food has one, sorry I don't know the name (it was a gift in a gift basket I got) I do the home made cuz it takes minutes, but, by all means in a hurry like all of us, I grab the hormel without beans

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      heheh, my chili always takes 2 hours+ :)

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        I have a quick version just t make chili sauce for dogs. Not my usual but it works for dogs which is just a quick dinner anyways. If for a cookout ... a whole different story.

    2. Chefmate is by far the best, but you might have to find it in a restaurant supply.That's what all the hot dog trucks around here use on their chili dogs and it's like homemade.

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        I'll remember that because I do keep a can on hand. I love a good chili dog with kraut or a braut with kraut and a little chili, the best. Thx, have to look for it.

      2. We have a variation in all Montreal Hot Dog places called a Michigan. It's a hot dog topped with meat sauce.

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          Hey I a Michigander ... meat sauce. We didn't do that in Michigan? :)

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            It is an upstate New York (think Plattsburg) and Montreal thing.


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              My good friend who owns a restaurant in Michigan has bought from them. Familiar with it. Also has a few friends in Pitt and NY and Boston and Montreal

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                  no problem...just trying to be consise. lol

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                Not sure where you are from in MI, but in the Flint area they have meat in the chili sauce. Angelo's Coney Island was famous for them. In fact, I think they are called Flint style coneys vs. Detroit which tend to be and less meat, if any. There was a coney that opened in Grand Blanc that boasted they sold Detroit style coneys.

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                  Lived in MI 21 years, now in FL, Sarasota. Never had good dogs up there, maybe not the right place. Summer home in northern MI, but never had any good sauce, most of the dogs was just a runny sauce which was horrible when I was there. We hada local vendor in northern MI which I loved. But he is a local and still is, just his sauce, nothing fancy.

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                    I would agree that you were probably not in the right place. I grew up in Flint and coney's always had meat sauce, onions and mustard, using Koegel's hot dogs. That was a great many years and pounds ago. I now live in the Detroit burbs and the coney's here are not the same even though I'm just 50 miles down the road. We vacation down your way and I won't even eat a hot dog in FL. There used to be a place on Ft. Myers Beach that sold Flint coney's with Angelo's sauce and Koegel's hot dogs, but last I knew they were only at the Ft. Myers Flea Market. If you're ever there give them a try.

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                      Thanks over 1 hr away, but I do get down there to visit a friend quite often. Have to remember that.

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                That would be a Coney Island. I grew up in Michigan, Northern Detroit suburbs and we had Coney Island diners all over the place. Usually run by Greek families. Heard they originally came from Coney Island in Cincinnati!

              3. I use Hormel Beanless Chili over polenta for a quick mock tamale fix.

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                  I would add some chipolte, a small shallot diced, maybe some scallions, grilled shrimp or pan sauteed with a chili powder, lime, and garlic and topped over the polenta and then the chili with some monterey jack cheese. Great side. Thats for reminding me another way to use polenta.

                2. Don't know where you live, but in the Los Angeles area grocery stores they sell this frozen product called Dolores chili brick.


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                    It's what I use....it's outstanding.

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                      I never heard of it. But of course I am in Indiana. My sister lives in California. American Classics is great, it has the lowest sodium in it.

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                        But they use beef hearts in their chili. XLNT brick chili is better. Use one 1lb of ground beef cook saute some chop onions first then mix in the ground beef till brown. Then mix in one brick of chili con carne with a 1/2 cut of hot water

                      2. Back in Oklahoma we used Wolf Brand Chili. I have heard rumors that it's at some Harris Teeters (I now live in Baltimore), but I haven't spotted it at the oen I've been to.

                        Still, it's far and away the best canned chili.

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                          Oh man, this Texas girls comfort food is blue box mac & cheese with Wolf Brand Chili. I miss that stuff...Hormel just isn't the same.

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                            They even have a Wolf brand Chili Hot Dog Sauce that is lighter than the regular chili, but the ingredient list is a bit scary, meaning meat is pretty far down on the list. Still it is tasty!

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                              I will have to look for Wolf, haven't seen it down here, but never know.

                        2. If you are a fan of the Tommy's chain (a Los Angeles based chili/fast food chain) then XLNT brand chili is almost spot on and can be found in local markets.


                          1. Tony Packo's canned sauce is our favorite. Available at most Kroger Supermarkets

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                            1. I grew up in Chicago s south side. Hot dog stands used Chili man, the original, with meat, and beans. Some places also put it on cheeseburgers, very good! Most places had something called a tamale sunday which consisted of a cup of chili, with a TomTom tamale in it. I now live in Mexico, the only time I can get canned chili is went I go to Texas. I buy a few cans of Wolfs , but it s not as good as Chili man!

                              1. I have to agree, Wolf Brand is the best. I miss it so much that when I go to Texas I take a small duffle bag and pack at least 15 cans for my return to Calgary. My favorite combo is to add tortilla chips, onions and grated cheddar cheese. As a kid it was satisfying with saltines.

                                1. Homemade chili is best BUT I love Tony Packos Hot Dog Sauce--available in Fresh Markets--all "meat". Add any of their pepper relish and the best store bought pickles out there---specially the hot. Secret cupboard item!!

                                  1. Try "Juanitas" Chili Colorado15oz can, You'll have to pour it on a plate and break it up because it's chunky beef but it falls right apart. Best canned chili I ever ate. They have a website. Wish der Wienerschnitzel would can and sell their sauce.

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                                      Weinerschnitzel has sold their chili in the refrigerator section (by the XLNT/pickles/shredded cheese area) for years. In a small plastic tub...like the kind used for soft margarine.

                                      I am originally from Detroit and XLNT is as close as I can get in flavor in San Diego. I did have the Dolores brand once and liked it better.

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                                        Yes Der Wiener is very good chili, so was Carl's Jr. chili. I don't see Der Wien chili any where in the Los Angeles area.

                                        1. re: malibumike

                                          Look in the refrigerated section at Albertsons. It's in a white plastic tub.

                                          1. re: Cathy

                                            Cathy: I looked at two Albertsons and they did not carry it, which Albertsons did you find it at. I'm in the southern calif area. Thanks Mike

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                                              I'm in Santee (East San Diego) and in addition to 'my' store, saw it about two weeks ago at the 'new' Albertsons on Genesee at Balboa.

                                              Unless they've stopped carrying it...will look again soon. I know Bristol Farms is owned by Albertsons and they could carry it.

                                              I saw this article; Albertson's has had it for ten years now. http://www.qsrmagazine.com/news/wiene...

                                      2. If you care to make your own this is a copy cat of Tommy's in LA and really good.


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                                          They didn't do a very good job copying the recipe, because Tommy's chili has hardly any meat in it.
                                          My daughter always gets her cheeseburger with chili on the side and I use some of the chili for my fries. So near the end I'm eating the chili and realize there's really no ground meat in their chli, what the heck is it then?
                                          Pay close attention to the chili the nest time you're at Tommy's. Granted it tastes good and stays with you for the day, but where's the meat ???

                                          1. re: monku

                                            Vegetarian chili is very popular nowadays. I seldom eat it but have had some really tasty versions.

                                            1. re: monku

                                              When you make that recipe (Tommys Cpoy Cat) you will also wonder "Where's the Beef"...

                                              1. re: rcspott

                                                "Beef" came to mind from that commercial.....but at Tommy's who knows what it is.

                                          2. Bush's is better in IMHO. More flavor and less salty.

                                              1. Lots of Okies are chiming in with Wolf brand.

                                                It's because it's the best.

                                                It's fun to live in the land where Wolf Brand Chili, Ranch Style beans, and Rotel tomatoes with chilis are easy to find.

                                                Wolf is part of ConAgra, and their locater shows a possible source for your Santa Monica location. The online stuff is really expensive... I stock up locally with loss leader sales at .79 for chili and .25 for beans... it makes for a blissful farting Okie.


                                                1. Chiliman brand is very good. Better than Hormel. The no beans is good. Vegetarian is very good, far better than Hormels.

                                                  1. American classic chili sauce is PERFECT! Wolf doesn't have the right flavor and is not over bearing. Anything with no beans is great.