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Feb 21, 2009 10:19 AM

Bachelor Party for Fishing and Crab fans in VA or MD

So a bunch of my buddies are thinking of going down to Maryland or Virgina this summer and we could really use some help from someone who knows the area.

This is what we are looking for.

1. Close to a dock where a charter fishing company could take us out on the ocean for a day trip some big game fishing....tuna or something like that.

2. Preferably not too near a major city, since we all live in NYC. we want to rent a house etc.

3. Must also be close to a all u can eat great crab shack/ BBQ place

Any of you have favorites please let me know !!!

Thanks for the help!!!

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  1. I would recomend that you head down to solomon's island in southern maryland which is on the patuxant river and minutes to the middle of the chesapeake bay. You can go fishing for Striped Bass (aka Rockfish), the season starts in April and the trophy size fish are caught in the spring and again in the fall. lots of opportunities to eat maryland seafood in that area. also a few bars to hit on the weekend and a few hotels you can stay at. Google Solomons Islands for more info. Another option is to go to the eastern shore and stay on Kent Island. This is also on the Chesapeake bay. You could charter a boat to fish, eat great seafood at either Harris Crab house or The Crab deck and go to a great bar, the Red Eye dock bar. Also a couple of hotels there. Final choice is to go further east to Ocean City and go deep sea fishing for white and blue marlin and tuna. Its the beach, atlantic ocean. Food is up and down there and there have been a lot of threads regarding this. Good luck.

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      I also first thought of Solomon's and Chesapeake Beach (http://www.chesapeakebeachresortspa.c...) when I read this post. For real ocean fishing and a house rental you're probably going to have to go to the coast (Ocean City, Rehoboth, etc) but these two place might fit your reqs.

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        This is so helpful and more suggestions from some locals !!

    2. I finished a bachelor party weekend with this exact idea about 10 years ago. We stayed at the Talbot Inn on Talbot Street in OC (two blocks south of 1st Street) and took the MR Ducks 45 ft. Hatteras out the next day for some tuna fishing.

      The night before we hit Higgins Crab House on 31st Street for all you can eat crabs and many, many beers and I would recommend it even today. MR Ducks is also the name of a great outdoor bar and grille on the Talbot Street Pier where the boat is docked. Smoker's BBQ Pit is across Rt. 50 to your west and not that far away and would be the best close by 'Q that you will find.

      We ended up with two, big tuna (groom-to-be caught the biggest one) and had them cut into steaks for us when we got back.



      Talbot Inn:



      Good luck.