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Feb 21, 2009 10:16 AM

REVIEW: Mehran (aka "House of Kabob") (Foggy Bottom)

Mehran Restaurant, Pakistani-style. Tried lunch buffet. It's a best buy-- only $8 total (tax included) for a decent buffet of Pakistani style food, this in DC proper. (I am told it differs from Indian by virtue of slightly less sweet sauces.) Naan is fresh and good, always hot, although they keep it in the tandoor a bit too long and the outside is a bit burnt. The best is their vegetable, which tye make well. One problem that keeps this from being too good: They kept the tandoori chicken under a plastic cover, so that the steam make the outside soggy when you finally take one out.

Good for the price

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  1. Location? Website? Sounds like a good lunch bet.

    1. I worked for eight years around the corner from Mehran and went there twice. The kind of buffet that gives Pakistani food a bad name. Not awful, mind you, but can't compete with Ravi Kabob in Arlington. It's true that, in general I find buffet food disgusting, but the chick peas, the lentils, and the meat curry which sit out at Ravi Kabob are miles better then Mehran. I also think Shiney's in Annandale and La Jawab in Arlington are much better operations.

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        Location is on Pennsylvania AVE NW, on south side of the street, just east of Foggy bottom metro. It's across from the international bank.