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Feb 21, 2009 09:40 AM

Fresh Sauerkraut

Having lived many years in Europe, I am having a difficult time finding fresh Sauerkraut at the market. I've tried the American/Hebrew choices but I find them far too enriched with chemicals. A true Sauerkraut should be firm to the bite and flavourful without the vinegar after taste. I would much appreciate any information. Thank you

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  1. I'm not sure where you are located but several of the farmer's markets in Westchester have pickle vendors and they sell fresh sauerkraut. We've bought it and enjoy it much more than the refrigerated bags from the grocery stores.

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      Wow, pickle vendors. Which ones and at which farmer's markets?

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        The farmers market on Main Street in White Plains has a pickle vendor that sells great pickles and pickled items as well as fresh sauerkraut. Really good!

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          At the new Mamaroneck indoor market at the Episcopalian church on Boston Post Road - Saturdays from 8:30a-1p. The vendor we preferred was Doc Pickle and that's who we bought the sauerkraut from.

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          1. I buy two-pound bags at the Polish markets in Stamford (Warsaw Market and Pulaski Market).

            1. Try Morse's in Maine. There is shipping, but the kraut is first rate.

              They also have various sausages and other ethnic foods. Even grits from a stone wheel in N. Georgia.