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Hawaiian pineapples in Toronto?

aveivy Feb 21, 2009 07:30 AM

Is there any place to reliably find Hawaiian pineapples in Toronto? Ideally, I'm looking for the Maui Gold variety.

And a related question, where to find li hing powder? Hawaiians sprinkle it on fresh pineapple (among other things), and it's a very unique taste. I'll try T&T Supermarket in the next couple of days, but would appreciate any advice on where to find it.


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  1. d
    Danybear RE: aveivy Feb 21, 2009 01:13 PM

    Most pineapples in Toronto are form Costa Rica. Hawaii is phasing out pineapple production because the labour is too costly. Costa Rica doesn't have that problem, yet

    1. k
      katana750 RE: aveivy Feb 21, 2009 08:14 PM

      just an opinion. as with most produce, pineapples are harvested unripened and are not as sweet as consumed in Hawaii. I took a trip to Hawaii many years ago and ate lots of pineapple. I haven't been able to enjoy it as much as before the trip. If anybody knows better, I'd would very much appreciate it!

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