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Feb 21, 2009 07:09 AM

Little Saigon Cuisine, Little Neck, Anyone Been?

Ate in Greek islands last nite, thanks to fellow Chowhounds rec's. Almost next door was this place. It calls itself a Chinese-Vietnamese Restaurant. I usually avoid these hybrid kinds of places on the theory that piggybacking cuisines all too often leads to disaster and not good food. That being said, living on L.I. and having Vietnamese are mutually exclusive. So, on the outside chance that someone has been and can offer a rec, I'd be really appreciative. Thanks ,


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  1. I agree the Greek Islands is very good. Love the fig gelato. Been to the Vietnamese restaurant next door and left uninspired. Bland. Will not return.

    1. I have been there several times and have had decent meals....good seafood soup, porkchop over rice, sugarcane shrimp....and (from the chinese side of the menu) salt baked prawn were very tasty. Tried their Bun Bo, Pho and Goi Cuon (sp?); none were life changing, but all were absolutely serviceable. I think it's a welcome addition to that area. The service was really friendly on my first few visits, but that particular waiter has not been there of late.....still fine.

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        I agree the service was quite warm but with the sheer number of local options the unimaginative food was not worth a return.