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Feb 21, 2009 06:56 AM

How do I order this soup?

In one of the soup-noodle shops in TST near The Stag's Head bar on Hart Ave., I have seen served a delicious-looking bowl of beef soup with tripe, etc. sticking out. Taking a guess, I ordered the "Mixed Meat Soup" which had those rubbery meatballs, but no tripe, tendons, etc.
Does anyone know what I should ask for? Thanks!

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  1. ngau (beef) jap (offal) meen (noodles), typically includes the lungs (fai), stomach (to), honeycomb stomach (gum cheen to), intestines (dai churn) and pancreas (yiu)

    tendons aren't usually included in "offal", you have to ask for ngau (beef) gun (tendon)


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      Thank you, Sher.eats! This is a big help.