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Best roast beef for sandwiches in DC?

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I'm looking for a deli/supermarket/sandwich joint/whatever that sells roast beef--ideally, house-roasted--for takeout. I used to get the RB at Whole Foods on P Street but was burned a few times with really substandard meat. The RB at Balducci's on Old Georgetown Road is decent but a shlep. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Clydes on the Walk in Chinatown does a pretty nice roast beef sandwich. They carve the roast beef in front of you. I have typically found them to be fresh and tastey.

    1. harris teeter's own brand of deli roast beef is quite good.

      1. Wagshal's.

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        2. Don't laugh.....Giant deli....cut from the whole store made piece. Usually very rare and makes a silly French Dipp.

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            Giant is ok, overseasoned to give it more of a 'beefy' flavor, as I expect from a supermarket.

          2. One of my favorites is Hodges on NY Avenue between 5th & 6th.
            It's a little hole in the wall, but ohhhh so good. Plenty of meat!!

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              Too late. Hodges.... R.I.P.

            2. I love Cafe Phillips -- near metro center. They hand cut massive roasts, very rare, served just warm and perfect!!