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Feb 21, 2009 05:59 AM

Silvermine Tavern to close?

Horrific news if newspaper reports are true. Their brunch was extraordinary, the setting was one of the most picturesque in the whole area. I had my rehearsal dinner there, and many wonderful Sunday memories.

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  1. It seems odd that the owner won't comment on the closing until after today (last brunch). The property has been for sale for a while... I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

    1. This is too bad. Its right in our neighborhood. While the food certainly wasn't spectacular.....we enjoyed going there. One of the remaining places to catch live jazz as well. The last minute decision to close seems sort of odd but not surprising given the economy.

      1. The food and service were always terrible. That said, the setting is very nice and the jazz was fun. if the right person or group got a chance to run it, i think it could be a nice success.

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        1. the property is for sale $3.5 million

          1. That's a shame. I got married there. The brunch was great, and I thought the other food was usually good.