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FROYO lovers. This is it....

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I am an old veteran....loved froyo since junior high when I went with my mom to 40 Carrots on the ground floor of bloomies. I think that Pink berry stinks.

I won't get into all the details about it, but if you are a fanatic/ froyo expert and think that you tried it all, you need to go to Crazy Banana!
It's no frills (not like the trendy pick berry, red mango and berry wild designs) - just white cups and plain plastic spoons. They do have the fruit and healthy toppings though.

Crazy Banana is now my fav.
I've been eating a lot of froyo through the years and although it's healthier than ice cream, it does have a lot of sugar.
Crazy Banana tastes like real yogurt, just frozen with a hint of sweetness. All natural.
The plain is my fav. They usually have one other flavor, sometimes green tea or pomegranate. You can taste that the fruit flavors have absolutely no added sugar.
CB is on 32nd st between Madison and 5th ave on the south side of the street.

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