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Feb 21, 2009 05:18 AM

Fuego's - Albondigas Soup

I can't speak highly enough of the albondigas soup at Fuego's. But, first... let me say that in general, I do prefer "tex-mex" to the west coast/baja style mexican food. Smother my plate in good chili carne and melted "government cheese" and I am a happy boy.

However, I am still a big fan of certain Baja/Cali dishes. Albondigas being my #1. And nobody but nobody has ever made me a better bowl of it than Fuego's. I've lived in California several times in as many areas and have eaten albondigas soup in countless restaurants out there. Fuego's is the best I've ever had. Hands down, with no doubt.

As far as I know no one else even serves this dish in Austin. When I first got here in 2000 I would ask for it at every Mexican place I went to. Several places didn't even know what I was talking about.

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  1. Albondigas is what my parents always ordered for me when I was a little kid in Tucson--it now qualifies as comfort food. One more reason to get around to giving Fuego's a try!

    Azul Tequila also serves a tasty version.

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      I had never had Albondigas before going to Fuego's and have sung the praises a couple of times on this board. I had nothing to base my opinion on except that I just loved it. I'm glad to know that the soup at Fuego's is comparable to what is served within the region of origin.

      I would also like to reiterate that the service and fish tacos are exceptional, as well.

      I think I just figured out lunch... Thanks!

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        I've seen that Azul Tequila place before and will stop in next time to investigate their albondigas.

        1. re: bloody hammer

          Stopped into Azul Tequila the other day (my first time there) and tried their albondigas. It was good.... but Fuego's is a hundred times better.

      2. Garibaldi's on S Congress had a very good version but they've gone under in the past year.

        1. it's not listed on their menu-- is it a special?

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            Yep, it's a special. He makes a big pot of it and when it's gone... it's gone.

            1. re: bloody hammer

              fuegos is the only place i've tried albondigas. i loved it. my gf was sayin the other day we need to go back so she can get some.

              and 1+ on the fish tacos. all the ingredients just go together so well. and they make a great burger too. i'm not a fan of 1000 island dressing but i tried it on their burger. all the flavors come together to make one tasty burger.