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Feb 21, 2009 04:00 AM

TODAY!! Mardis Gras prep: createtv gives us New Orleans and Louisiana

Today, createtv has all-day programming with a New Orleans and Louisiana food theme. John Folse, Paul Prudhomme, John Besh (episode 9) **** and others. I've seen four shows (so far ;-), and it is great food, lore, history, and nice folks!

I can tell I'm not going to accomplish much today! ;-).

This may continue through Mardis Gras, but at least I know that today it is some great TV programming!

This series, "Chefs a' Field, Kids on the Farm," is superb!!!

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  1. i see it was a saturday "themed" marathon. here is the schedule of some upcoming ones

    1. oh cursed for me for ever moving to a mid-market town!!!!

      i should have known when i moved here in 1992 and couldn't find espresso cups much less demitasse spoons that I would be in for a long haul

      now there is just one more thing that I'm missing out on - i'm stuck with that other network that just wants to get the family dinner on the table FAST

      my only solace is that I still have GREAT bbq although it is getting harder and harder to track down the smoke signal

      thanks for keeping me posted on what's going on in the outside world! i'm so disappointed that i'm missing out

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