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Feb 21, 2009 03:29 AM

Planning for a new public market in Boston

The Globe has an article this morning about how there is planning for a new City market on Blackstone Street in the Haymarket area:

From what I recall this sounds like a better location than those previously mentioned but there's discussion in the article that the space isn't big enough.

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  1. While I long for a public market, I hate the idea of having it anyway near Haymarket. I don't think fresh produce from local farms should be associated in anyway with Haymarket. No matter what anyone says, there will be confusion and association in the minds of those not as attuned to food as we are.

    Walking through piles of garbage is not the approach I want to a farm fresh venue. Can you imagine shopping at a farmers' market where they allowed the pushcart people to share the space?

    You will also have many people who will think the farm prices are too high because they saw the pushcart prices. Bad idea all around.

    This site also lacks many of the opportunities for farmers that were part of the initial planning and feasibility study done years ago. Ideally, farmers should be able to sell retail in one part of the market to the public and wholesale in another part to the trade.

    This site is far too small and parking for the farmers is an issue in that area.

    There was also supposed to be an educational center where people could attend demonstrations and classes.

    My favorite potential location would be the site of the central Post Office next to South Station. I understood this was slated to close. That would have the room needed plus the ability for farmers to ship by train to some nearby places.

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    1. re: BostonZest

      I will second either of your ideas. From the time I spent on the committee, early on, I know it must be near mass transit and have ample parking. There must be a brew pub or restaurant to help pay the rent and it must have parking and loading facilities for the farmers.

      City Hall plaza would be great if they took part of it for parking and stopped all the silly events there. But the poor farmers who count on the City Hall Farmers Market to earn a living and sell what is ripe and ready have been pushed aside for silly events like sports parades in the past.

      Cambridge has the environmental ethics and attitude to do a better job with this than Boston would. And, if they tried to take the Public Market away, it might wake up Boston to find a better solution.

      Go Cambridge!

      1. re: BostonZest

        Thanks for the info BostonZest, that South Station site does sound good. I'll support the brewpub idea too. You'll have me thinking of garbage at Haymarket for months now!

      2. I've thought for years they should drop a big dome over City hall Plaza and make it a public market. They're always talking about moving City Hall to South Boston. There's parking for delivery vehicles and customers underneath and food companies could use the office building Anyone been to the public market in Florence Italy? It's a two story iron and glass structure with produc carts on the second level and more permanent structures and refrigeration on the ground floor.

        1. I am of the mind that one in Cambridge would be just fine. Councilor Henrietta Davis is in the midst of a committee on food. I have proposed the idea to the group and would like to encourage the city to sponsor a year round farmers market. Cambridge has the capital to do so. Please contact those in our fair city to help make this a reality. Or contact me.