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Any good Fish&Chips places in Orlando?

I have yet to find a good fish and chips spot in Orlando. Anyone know of any good places?

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  1. We usually try the Fish and Chips place in Altamonte Springs, on 436, about a mile west of 434 in the Forest City neighborhood. It is located in a small strip mall across from Discount Auto Parts. and next to a tattoo parlor, Usually quite busy. We have found it to be good, but I must admit not everyone agrees. I would give it a try.

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      Thanks for the reply. I work around that area so I'll check it out this week.

    2. Where have you tried? Paddy Murphy's in Baldwin Park has some good ones, not like omg-the-best-ever-fish-and-chips, but definitely good. I think they're also good at Fiddler's Green and Raglan Road, but it's been a while, so I don't really remember. There's one place in town that has really bad ones, but I forget which place. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful! (I think Houlihan's has pretty bad fish tacos IMO, so if they have fish and chips it's probably the same fried fish, which is not good at all IMO).

      Thanks reinaldok, I'll have to check out the place on 436.

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        I haven't tried much...but I will try the 2 that you mentioned.

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          I totally agree with you about the fish tacos at Houlihan's. I ordered them once and they weren't inedible and I had to send them back. Yuck!

        2. CityFish in Thornton Park or Grouper & Chips in Baldwin Park are both fish & chips specialists. We love the Grouper & Chips place in BP, although the atmosphere isn't quite as nice as CityFish.

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            I will have to try these out this month.

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              The name is Grouper & More if you are trying to look them up.

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                As of last week, Grouper & More in Baldwin Park has closed.

          2. Fiddlers has nice fish and chips, City Fish, 310 Park South, Liam Fitzpatrick's all had very nice fish and chips.

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              City Fish does a good job, but I have to really disagree on the Liam Fitzpatrick. Some of the worst I have ever had. I have had better at the county fair.

            2. The Harp downtown on Magnolia does a nice fish & chips, too.

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                I'll have to diisagree about the fish and chips at the Harp. I went in expecting traditional hand battered fresh fish and instead got a plank of overly crispy crust surrounding somewhat mushy fish that had once been frozen solid only minutes before. No self - respecting "Chippy" would think of serving such a thing.

              2. Not to hijack the post, but since we're talking about British dishes, does anyone have any recommendations on the best Bangers and Mash in Orlando?

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                  Fiddlers Green has good bangers, as well as Harp/Celt downtown

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                    I don't know about the best, but Paddy Murphy's has a good one.

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                      Agreed on Fiddler's Green in Winter Park (everything there is awesome, actually), and also Raglan Road in Downtown Disney if you're on that side of town. Both have outstanding Irish pub grub, including bangers and mash.

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                        I ve never had them at the fiddlers,but, if they are as good as everything else they serve I will have to try them!
                        We have a new english pub here in Mt Dora called the frog and monkey. One of the owners is from england and worked tirelessly with their chef to make their fish and chips taste authentic. I havent tried them yet but i will!

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                        Second, Fiddler's Green has pretty good bangers and mash


                      3. My vote goes to the Royal Fish & Chips (Haddock) at the Cricketers Arms , in Festival Bay Plaza on I Drive. This place also has some good cask ales but you do have to pay tourist prices, unfortunately.

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                          I will second cricketers ,, every Brit I know says they have the best most authentic. I did try them and they were good but not great in my opinion. I thought they needed more flavor then my brit friend dining with me said "that is the way they are in england". The key to flavoring them is malt vinegar. Once you sprinke them with the vinegar they rock!!
                          Still haven't tried the frog and monkey's yet.

                        2. Not exactly Fish n Chips but Bostons Fish House in Winter Park is great!

                          1. I second Boston's on Aloma!