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Feb 20, 2009 10:51 PM

What do you call...?

a full meal eaten at around 3-4o'clock? Friends and I will often meet at this time for food out of necessity and /or convenience. Sometimes we call it "linner" or "lupper." Other than saying a late lunch or early dinner, is there an official name for such a meal in the middle of the afternoon?

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      1. Dinner....My understanding is that some countries have 4 meals a day.
        Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper being around 6 - 8pm.

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        1. re: flylice2x

          hmmmm.. I was raised with the definitions that "dinner" was a late afternoon or evening meal that occurred before 8:00pm and "supper" was after 8. For the record, I grew up in California, and it seems to me the definition was also underscored in my junior high school home economics classes. People were big on manners and protocols when I grew up. '-)

          Edit: But there were regional variations too. We had neighbors who came to California during WWII from Arkansas, who called lunch "dinner" and dinner "supper." Things could get confusing.

          1. re: Caroline1

            Back home on the farm, the midday meal was "dinner" and was the largest meal. The evening meal was "supper" and often featured soup.

          1. re: phoebek

            We are late eaters so that would fall into the lunch category for us but I have called it linner in the past.

          2. It's called dinner.
            In a part of the middle-east, that I'm very familiar with where temperatures soar late in the morning, breakfast is served early and dinner is served at the time you're indicating.
            It's a healthy way to eat and I'm more inclined to do the same unless i'm going out with people who're used to dining later.