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Feb 20, 2009 10:21 PM

Ostia midday meal?

We're going to be in Ostia Antica either Sat or Sun of next week and are interested in heading into Ostia for a midday meal. Any suggestions on good places to try? We're open to high end, low end, any end that's good that we'd probably have a preference for simple and straightforward places over fancier places.


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  1. I'm not sure of the logistics of getting from the site to the restaurant, but in Ostia, on the beach, we like La Vecchia Pineta. It's a classic large bourgeois fish restaurant, very pleasant, very good food. We have sat out on the terrace even in winter, but indoors is nice too.

    1. We visited Ostia Antica on Epiphany a few years ago and really enjoyed wandering around the site for a couple of hours - tried to eat at "Il Monumento" which looked very inviting right in the village of Ostia Antica - but it was booked full for that holiday lunchtime. We were envious of the folks bustling in. Here's a NYT link which I just found today about one idea for a day trip to Ostia which includes a bit about Il Monumento. Id avoid the restaurant right by the entrance to the archeological site which had servers dressed in tunics and scary looking food displayed.. Never heard about the boat before and wonder if its still running. Ostia Antica is easily accessible by train and as the article notes, its only 15 min farther on for Ostia Lido.