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Feb 20, 2009 08:49 PM


I have been craving some soba noodle/udon noodle dishes but I dont want it in a soup. Are there any good noodle restaurants that I could get something like this or a noodle bowl?

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  1. Hirozen on Beverly near La Cienega has decent soba. Personally, I just prepare my own soba and udon at home, using noodles from the little Japanese grocery on Sawtelle next to Hide Sushi. They have a good selection. Noodles are pretty easy to prepare especially if you're not going to eat them with a broth.

    1. Hi Tari,

      My favorite made fresh in-house daily Soba Noodles are at Ichimian. Here's a previous Chowhound thread on the subject:

      1. Known for their ramen in broth, Chabuya offers dry noodles too.

        (on Sawtelle)

        1. A lot of the Hong Kong style cafes in the San Gabriel valley (I daresay most of them) serve stir fried udon dishes.