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Feb 20, 2009 08:35 PM

OC Bagels opens on Alicia south of the 5

OC Bagels opened this week. They have a wide variety of bagels, New York style. They also have salads and something like a calzone but made with bagel dough. They have a pleasant atmosphere and the bagels and spreads were just fine. They also, for those who know what it is, have bialis but these don't look like bialis that I've ever eaten before. Their coffee is spectacular because they use Kean (or Deitricks) coffee and the plain cuppa is superb. A nice place to take out bagels or to sit and catch a bite.

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  1. I went this weekend with high hopes but, was mildly disappointed.

    1. I have to agree with Eclectic EATER. The coffee is excellent , and if you want a latte! Try the carmel latte- it blows the doors off everyhting out there- of course with exception to Kean- and if you know Kean coffee- you wont go back to any of those other nameless places. AND my BF and I thank OC Bagels for opening. Finally a great place to have an excellent bagel and coffee. We really like it. Cant wait for the weather to be better to sit outside on the patio

      1. I’ve been to OC Bagels a couple of times. With polished cement floors and sofas, OC Bagels is more “hip” than Bruegger’s, however, with its slow service in the mornings, OC Bagels is less convenient for commuters and more appropriate for students of nearby Laguna High School. (Slow = it took 10+ minutes for me to get a plain, untoasted bagel in a bag to go.)

        They offer a standard selection of bagels with no interesting or unique bagels that distinguish OC Bagels from the rest of the pack. They also offer standard espresso drinks. Again, these are very middle-of-the-road, neither outstandingly yucky or amazingly delicious.

        OC Bagels seems like a great place for high school students to hang out before heading off to morning classes and a good alternative to Bruegger’s on the weekends; however, it's not a great choice for morning commuters.

        1. I went there a few days ago, based on this writeup, and thought it was quite good. The bagels are nice and chewy and good. The Kean coffee was great and the nice person helping me said that Martin Dietrich of Kean required that they do extensive training to ensure a high standard of quality, and comes in about once a week to check up on them (and deliver the beans personally. I also spoke with the owner and he seems to be genuinely concerned that the food and drinks are as good as they can be.

          I thought this place was great, it's exactly what we need to support - a locally-owned and operated place with caring and dedicated ownership.

          1. Do you know if outside patio is Dog friendly?

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              Yes, they even have a doggy water bowl that they will put out for you. Great food, great prices, great coffee and a very comfortable place to sit down and relax. Inside, they have a big flat screen TV with the news on.