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Feb 20, 2009 08:18 PM

Roasted Red Peppers at Costco?

Hi y'all,

I got some nice Roasted Red Peppers at the Costco in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I live in Redwood City & our Costco, plus the one in Foster City do not seem to carry them. booo

Does any other Costco in the area carry them?
Thanks for any input!

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  1. I got some roasted red peppers at Costco years ago and I haven't seen them since! They were in a two-pack of tall jars -- are the ones you bought like that?

    An alternative is the canned roasted red peppers (La Romanella brand) at Smart and Final which are pretty good.

    1. The 22nd & Irving Market has jarred roasted peppers at a good price. If you don't use the whole jar, they freeze well. I freeze the jar & then thaw when I need it again.

      1. Both halal markets I shop at on San Pablo in Berkeley have roasted red peppers, in fact several brands. The jars are much bigger than Trader Joe's. Is there a halal market near you?

        1. Cost Plus World Market carries jarred roasted Spanish piquillo peppers...

          1. Just saw Florio's(?) Roasted Red Pepper at Richmond Costco, single bottle, drained weight 26.5 oz. $6.79. Sera brand at Indus Market Berkeley drained weight ~14 oz. $3.99. Costco cost saving 3 cents/oz.