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Feb 20, 2009 08:15 PM

food network stealing shows/ideas

food networks Chopped is a cheap rip off of top chef.Extreme foods is a complete rip off of bizzare foods with andrew zimmerman. watch your ass tony bourdain you gotta be next! I'm thinking "some reservations, or maybe i have reservations, reservations required ,etc" It must kill the big wigs at food network that the best food shows are on bravo and the travel chanel. I gotta say ,i think Ted Allen is a good host on chopped.

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  1. by the way Mario Batali left the food network to go to PBS just before he grabbed the king of Spain's ass. Mario is the man!

    1. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to find a Bourdain wannabe to host a show. I have noticed that they started replaying "A Cooks Tour" reruns occasionally maybe trying to lure some viewers back from Travel Channel. I wonder if it was them or Bourdain that cut ties but I'm sure they wish they could have him back now.

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        I agree with the new shows such as FOod Feuds...but I just want to point out that Anthony Bourdain started his travelogue food show on the Food Network, didn't like how the Food Network worked, and then defected to the Travel Channel to do his travelogue food show.

        So in essence, he started on Food Network and they obviously can't "steal" something that was probably their idea in the first place.

        And this is showbiz. I don't think there's been a mostly original idea in film or TV for probably the last 10 years or more...

      2. this is a incredibly old thread, but ive noticed this ALOT with food networks newer shows.

        food feuds is almost a exact replica of food wars.

        also, they have one upped their own un-creativeness with Meat and Potatoes and Outrageous Food by not only stealing from Man vs. Food's concept, but by stealing thunder from Diners Drive Ins and Dives (theyre all the same show and on the same channel?? whyyyyyyy????)

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        1. re: mattstolz

          Outrageous Food is from the same production company as DDD. So it is more of spin off than a steal.

        2. chopped isnt really like top chef at all. it's more like ready set cook.

          but - seriously - in a world where there is a yogi bear moving coming out, youre surprised by this?

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          1. re: thew

            I loved ready set is probably the only food show I truly miss

          2. Well, Food Network and Travel Channel are owned by the same parent company.