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Feb 20, 2009 07:45 PM

asparagus in a wrap? not my own kitchen :)

I need something with a *simple* preparation (no muss, no fuss) as I am a guest in someone's home, and would like to make a simple light interesting lunch-for-the-girls with asparagus. I was thinking of putting it in a wrap with some tomatoes, some cheese. I suggested that to approval, so now I just need to determine how to prepare. Can I roast the asparagus for that? No access to a steamer, and I don't want to boil (blech). thanks! Which cheese? Other veggies to throw in?

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  1. To steam in an ordinary pot, take 12" of aluminum foil, fold it twice to make a strip 3" wide, put most of the strip in the pot with the ends folded over the edge of the pot to make a cradle for the asparagus tips, put an inch of water and the veg. in, and boil/steam. Or roast after brushing with olive oil.

    1. Asparagus flavor is 'fuller' if roasted. Use a fraction of the olive oil you think necessary. Roast high temperature/fast.

      1. Any prep will be fine, you might consider grilling them rather than roasting. However if you're putting them in a wrap the asparagus will be much easier to eat if if you peel the stems first. Of course if you're going to cut up the spears into bite size pieces it won't matter, but if you were planning on putting whole spears into the wrap peeled will make it easier to bite through the whole spear.

        1. As an alternative, how about one of those Bisquick "quiches" with asparagus, onion, jarlsberg cheese? Could be made ahead of time and served either warmed or cold

          1. I nuke my asparagus. I put it in a 9x9 glass cake pan, no water, covered with plastic wrap and set the time for 2 minutes. Then I check it for tenderness and if it needs more add 30 seconds to 1 more minute and check again. Usually needs no more than 3 minutes for a well loaded pan to be crisp-tender.