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Feb 20, 2009 05:31 PM

What to order at Jasmine Thai?

I know many of you are big fans of this restaurant. What are the best dishes?

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  1. Ask for the Thai menu and work your way through that.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      I went there for lunch and asked for the Thai menu. There are no translations in it. Do you read Thai? What items have you ordered off the Thai menu?

      1. re: OCNC

        I do not read Thai. I just tell them what protein I am hungry for and ask if they can translate those dishes and choose from them.

        I also assure them that I am not afraid of authentic Thai flavors (i.e. I won't send it back if it smells fishy (from shrimp paste) or earthy from fresh curry leaves). That is what they are worried about and fearful of. Ask for the catfish soup on the last page second from the top. It is cooconut broth, coconut shoots, and catfish. More sour and spicy broth not spicy and not heavy on the coconut milk like Tom Yum.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          I mean to say not sweet and not heavy on the coconut milk in the last line...sorry for the mistake

    2. Give the beef panang and Thai garlic beef a try.

      1. Jungle curry is probably my favorite. Bataba is worth a try. The garlic prawns has been a crowd pleaser before.

        1. The giant prawns either grilled or fried with the dipping sauce, Jungle Curry is good if you get it Thai hot (anything less is uncalled for), Thai Herbal Chicken, Po Tak, Som Tum Salad when in season, and I actually like the Green Curry for its herbal notes, any the steamed whole snapper (can get it fried) anyway you want it...I like mine with basil, extra ginger and thai chilies