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Feb 20, 2009 04:32 PM

Jaaadu or Amaya's Bread Bar?

Hi! I'm trying to decide where to take my mother for Winterlicious. I found that Jaaadu uses high quality ingredients, and I liked that they have a lot of variety on their menu.
However, I know that Amaya's Bread Bar is supposed to be really good. The menu is more expensive and has less selection. We aren't all ordering from the Winterlicious Menu.
Which would you recommend?

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  1. Both are of pretty good quality. I have described Bread Bar as being good for a 'first date' - Jaaadu is more laid back and elegant.
    Bread Bar suffers on a busy night - the service falls apart, so if you are going at a peak time you'll probably be happier with Jaaadu. But Bread Bar wins on presentation - the plates are really well-composed.

    1. my friend when to Jaaadu last week and cannot stop raving about his meal. Says it is the best he has had for Indian food in a long time.

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        Jaaadu is quality. There are many indian restos in Yonge/St Clair area, but this is the best