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Feb 20, 2009 04:09 PM

36" Range help needed, please.

I am looking for a 36" gas range, cast iron grates, sealed burners, double electric oven.
Is anyone aware of a site where I can enter what features I would like in a range and it will provide a list of ranges that meet my needs?

Any thoughts? Thank you.

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  1. I have a wolf duel fuel 36", but I've never seen a 36" range with double ovens.
    It's been a JOY to own, had it since "05"

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      I've got the 36" too and the wide single oven is wonderful. However, I did put in a second wall oven in a different location where I do most of my baking. I like doing my pastry work on the special height counter and being able to load the oven in the same place. And, of course, a second oven is wonder for holidays and big special meals. But I still love being able to put an enormous turkey in the 36" oven being able to hold the roasting pan by the handles on each side and never worrying about a burn.

    2. Fratelli Onofri has a 36" two-oven range, but it is all gas. Why do you want electric ovens? Restaurants tend to have nat gas ovens. I don't understand why people want the electric ovens. BlueStar ranges are marvelous, too. BlueStar is USA-made. Better decide up front what you are willing to spend. The GOOD ranges can break your piggy bank...

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        I've been told electric ovens will be steadier with the temp control; hence my request. Thanks for the help.

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          That's right, but you can get what you want MUCH more economically if you buy a gas range top and separate electric wall ovens. Depends on whether you have the space and cabinetry of course.

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            I think it's more a case of dry heat (electric) vs. wet heat (gas). Either can have a dinky thermostat that is off or doesn' t hold temperature well.

        2. hi
          Delonghi sells an all gas 36 inch range. very reasonable and it has convection in both ovens on It is also highly rated. As for electric ovens,most cooks prefer gas cook tops and electric ranges. That's why dual fuel ranges are always with an electric oven. better regulation and moist heat. Gas ovens have a bigger temperature swing. Fratelli Onofri is marvelous and there is a new model, ILVE, also from Italy that is superb. Cost's twice as much but is is thousands less than La Cornu It is dual fuel and the oven will go down to 75 degrees so you can proof dough if you are a baker. in addition, the fratelli double oven and the ILVE have a built in routisserie. ILVE includes a griddle and many accessories. check it out. at www.eurochefusa.com