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Feb 20, 2009 03:48 PM

Opinions about new chicken vendor at Ferry Plaza - Mountain Ranch?

I was just reading in the weekly eletter about Mountain Ranch

"If you’ve been to the market recently, you may have noticed Norman and his wife Aimee. They make up the entire labor force behind Mountain Ranch Organically Grown and sell organic chickens, beef, schmaltz (chicken fat), and stock. They also offer a few prepared items, like tamales and soups made with their chicken, beef, corn and vegetables from their garden."

What have Chowhounds tried so far?

Mountain Ranch Organically Grown
141 Mountain PO Box, Ranch, CA

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  1. I bought a chicken, but it is still awaiting its fate (probably roasting). Some report, huh?

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    1. re: Paul H

      Honestly, sometimes it is like I never read this board. They have been selling since summer at the Sunday Divisidaro Farmer's Market ... another new to me place that has also been reported about on Chowhound. And yet I can remember some obscure place someone posted about in 2005.

      Was looking for more info about Mountain Ranch and came across this article about the farmers market

      Divisadero Farmer's Market
      550 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA

    2. I bought a package of legs and thighs last week. At $7/lb, it was expensive, but I miss Hoffman, and Marin Sun Farms doesn't have chickens for a stretch in the winter. It was tasty but very poorly butchered, and I won't buy it again. I know little about processing chickens but don't expect to see so much blood remaining. I'll wait for Marin Sun Farms for my next purchase.

        1. re: wally

          And expensive ($5.50/lb. for whole chicken)

        2. One of the best San Francisco Ferry Farmers Market vendors ever!! I really recommend the Mountain Ranch chickens, stock, and all their other products. I have been buying their chickens and stock for more than two years and everything from their ranch is spectacularly fresh and extra delicious. We just cooked one of their chickens for a picnic and everybody loved it. And we had their tamales for dinner last night and they were wonderful, fresh, and flavorful. Honestly, their chickens are the best I have ever tasted and I am very picky about the quality of the ingredients I use in cooking. It is a little more expensive, but it is worth it for this level of quality and the ranchers are very nice people.