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Feb 20, 2009 03:42 PM

Top NJ Cheese Shops

Near my home in Maplewood we have some great choices at the Edan Gourmet in South Orange and the new Whole Foods in Union.

Anyone have suggestions for NJ Cheese shops that would beat these in variety and/or price? I am interested in the northern half of the state.

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    1. Gary's Wine Marketplace in Madison or Bernardsville has some nice cheeses. I'm not sure that they have better variety/prices than what you have already mentioned.

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      1. re: bropaul

        Just watch your credit card and check your statement if you go there.

        1. re: bob07461

          You seem to be implying something. Please explain your statement?

      2. In addition to its best-in-state wine inventory, service, and good prices, the Wine Library in Springfield also has an extensive selection of cheeses and informed friendly staff.

        Wine Library
        586 Morris Avenue
        Springfield, NJ 07081
        Ph: 888-980-WINE (9463)

        See this thread for cheese in central NJ

        See this thread for cheese in Ocean County, NJ

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          I love the Wine Library. Along with having the best prices for wine in the area, their cheese shop is fantastic. I could spend all day grazing on all the free samples. The staff has never steered me wrong when it comes to wine.

          I find that Eden Gourmet's prices on cheese are better than the Wine Library, and they have a good cheesemonger that will recommend the right cheese. They give samples, but you have to ask for them.

        2. Try Bobolink Dairy- they make their own artisan cheeses and have free cheese tastings.
          It's more of a day trip but quite enjoyable.
          They are located in Vernon Nj in Sussex County. It's only 8 miles from Warwick, NY where there are a few wineries. Another place to check is Heaven Hill farm market.

          The dairy has a website:

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          1. re: mglvernon

            Boblink's quality is uneven. I suspect that the best of their product goes to the restaurants, we get what is left.

            1. re: bob07461

              not sure, but I think Bobolink moved. Though I am not sure where.

              1. re: Zinful

                From the website:

                Google Maps frequently forgets that we moved to Milford, NJ in June 2010
                If you are trying to find us on Google, it would be wide to enter our street address:
                369 Stamets Rd, 08848
                (our former location in Vernon is now closed)

            2. re: mglvernon

              I agree. I love Bobolink. Yes, their offerings are often widely variable, but that depends on the output of their grass fed cows. They also are a staple at Farmer's markets in NYC, in Warwick and a couple of other locations which escape me.

              Also, Maywood Marketplace has an extensive selection of cheese at fairly reasonable prices.

              1. re: phDuh

                For local producers, Valley Shepherd in long valley has Bobolink beat hands down....the cheesemaker is really top notch with about 12-15 cheeses on offer, mostly sheep but some cow and some mixed. He's at union square in manhattan & i believe at the piermont farmers market as well.

                1. re: sixelagogo

                  Bobolink doesn't have goat cheese and I'm anxious to try Valley's. For my palate, there's room for them all!!!

                  1. re: sixelagogo

                    I second Valley Shepard. Whole Foods and Trader Joes' has a great selection of cheeses

                    Trader Joe's
                    725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

              2. Summit Cheese Shop
                75 Union Place in Summit.
                (908) 273-7700

                If you're looking specifically for Italian cheeses, DIPietro's on Springfield Avenue has a nice selection, including some incredible handmade mozzarella.

                or why not try Crane's in Maplewood Village? They have a pretty nice cheese selection, at good prices.

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                1. re: njguy99

                  Jerry's in Englewood has a great cheese selection. However, can't wait to see what the new Fairway in Paramus will offer.