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Columbus Cutlery [San Francisco]

Do they do a good job of sharpening knives, I have not used them in over 20 years. (Moved out of state) Going to be in the SF/Berkeley area for a week and I thought I might drop some knives off for sharpening.


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  1. Last time I brought my knives, which was 2-3 years ago, they did a fine job.

    1. I use them for my knives and they do a great job for a good price. The last knives I had sharpened were about 6 months ago; it's about time again.

        1. Link

          Columbus Cutlery
          358 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

          1. They were mentioned favorably in a New Yorker article recently on "edge geometry." I wish I lived nearby.

            1. We have just rotated all our knives through them. They did a fine job.

              1. They do a great job, and for a very reasonable price!

                  1. re: donbonus

                    I think they're more expensive than Columbus.

                  2. I think the last time I brought a 9" chefs knife, a paring knife and a petty knife and it was $18 for same day turnaround.
                    Awesome job md super nice guy.

                    1. That's the only place I will take a knife. I was reluctant to trust any knife sharpener for years after getting a botch job from one. Then I finally ttried CC, taking in an old knife which needed significant work to remove a nick. I was completely satisfied and now have used them a few times and also bought some new knives and such. The owners are nice folks.