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Myung Ga in Cherry Hill, NJ

wench31 Feb 20, 2009 02:58 PM

Has anybody been to this Korean restaurant? Their specialty is tofu.


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    IndigoOnTheGo RE: wench31 Feb 24, 2009 04:48 AM

    I know very little about Korean food but wanted to try this place since it is so close to my home. A Korean friend took us there and I enjoyed everything. Our waitress was personable and friendly and helped us navigate the menu, especially warning us which food may be very spicy. After ordering, our table was filled with at least 10 small plates filled with condiments. We were told we could eat these as appetizers as well and much to our surprise, two whole fried fish were brought out (mackeral perhaps) and we all dug in. I ordered the spicy pork bulgogi served in a meltingly hot stoneware bowl - the rice on the bottom of the bowl crisped up nicely and was a good counterpart to the pork. I have to say it was very hot in both temperature and in spice but very satisfying. My Korean friend says this place is quite popular with the local Korean community and it was quite crowded with both Koreans and non-Koreans for a mid-week meal. The interior was very pretty and comfortable. Our waitress was great with my 4 year old daughter and there was no language barrier with her. I would definitely try this place again - it was a pleasant adventure.

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      MooseInSJ RE: wench31 Feb 25, 2009 05:03 AM

      I get take out from there quite a bit. The staff is fantastic and so is the food. It is hard to beat their prices also. For a lunch box of bulgogi, you get the beef, rice, soup, various other items all for about $8.95. Never had anything from them that I didn't like.

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