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Feb 20, 2009 01:44 PM

Venison Stock

I had the good fortune of being given a large quantity of venison bones. Tame deer. Don't worry I'm not boiling up Bambi's Mother. :-)
I have made about 12 quarts of very good tasting stock and am in the middle of canning it right now. Pressure canning of course.
My question is what do I do with it?
Obviously, a substitute for beef stock, but is there any dish you can think of that will highlight the venison flavour?

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  1. How about a Guinness Pub Stew, using veal in place of the venison and the venison stock in place of the beef stock. Serve it in bread bowls with a perky green salad.

    1. Could you explain why killing / eating tame deer is deemed better than killing / eating wild deer?

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      1. re: margeaux

        I would assume it is raised for slaughter much like a cow. There are deer farms specifically for that reason.

      2. I use venison stock all the time in Marcella Hazan's Minestrone recipe. Yum.

        1. I may find myself in the same situation as billieboy. The Minestrone soup sounds good. Any other suggestions for venison stock?
          I got some good tips for making the stock here.

          Any other pitfalls to avoid? What about cooking the bones overnight? Is that too long?
          Venison can sometimes be gamey. Is that a problem with stock too?

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            I have made venison stock two years in a row now. Same technique as making fond brun: brown the bones, add mirepoix, tomato paste and bouquet garni, long simmer with skimming, chill/defat then reduce.

            The stock is not gamey. I primarily use it in sauces.