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Feb 20, 2009 01:43 PM

Where does a foodie eat in Fresno?

I took my kids down to Fresno (we live in Oakhurst) to go to the Met and experience a little culture. I wanted to take my kids out for tapas. I make it at home all the time, but they've never had it in a restaurant. We tried La Paella... closed, so we tried Flamenco... closed. Senses, Pangea... the story was the same everywhere we went: out of business. After giving up on tapas I decided to try an Indian bistro, Masala. It was closed too!!! We ended up having to eat at Panda Express because we had already spent almost 2 hours trying to find a good place to eat. Sad, huh? Is there anywhere left in Fresno to get small plate? If not, does anyone have any other recommendations for European fusion? Please help me find some good food in Fresno. Thank you.

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  1. I would be glad to help, but I'm confused..."European fusion"?

    1. "Where does a foodie eat in Fresno?"

      San Francisco.

      1. I'm not sure about where to get tapas, but if you like Mexican food, I would have tried the downtown Toledo's since it's near the Met.

        1. Regarding changes and closings next time check here, scroll down to the Feb 19 post for the latest update.

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            Here's a list of Fresno's Top 100 dishes

            A thread on Fresno Fine Dining

            Be sure and cross reference the latter with the Closures & Changes list, Upstairs/Downtown, Lantana, and La Paella no longer exist.

            Contrary to the comment above, people from SF are actually coming to Fresno to dine, Chef Liu's Hunan and the new Limon Peruvian restaurant are just two reasons.

            Excellent dim sum at Imperial Garden.

            Go to the CA board and enter "Fresno" into the Search this Board box, it will only return the hits from the past year the first time, you can then tell it to search back 3, 5, or even eight years if you so desire. Add the type of cuisine in the search title to narrow things down. Here's the result of a three year search on just Fresno:


          2. Lemóns Peruvian Restaurant is “eyes rolling in the back of the head” ambrosia. It is located at 7735 N. Blackstone Avenue, a couple of doors down from Hooters.

            They don’t serve tapas however their appetizer menu is quite awesome. If your family likes fish, the Ceviche de Pescado is a good choice to start off with followed by Anticuchos de Carne, grilled marinated beef skewers that will knock your sock off. A side of Peruvian Mac and Cheese and you should be set for an afternoon in Fresno.

            Inka Cola and Chicha Morada are two cool drinks the kids will be talking about all the way back to Oakhurst. Hope this helps on your next trip.